Thursday , June 30 2022

The new outbreak in the sun can leave the world freely


Новые вспышки на Солнце могут оставить оемлю без связи

Solar activity may damage satellites.

Scientists have discovered that the Sun has a large hole that can cause a powerful geomagnetic storm. The natural phenomenon causes malfunctions in various equipment, including orbiting satellites, and reports the with reference to world news.

The flow of solar material is expected to be directed directly to the plane. When the coronal holes are plunged into multiple particles; Because our planet was close to the Sun, the particles definitely reached the magnetic field of the Earth. All known forms of northern lights.

According to the estimator, the probability of a geomagnetic storm is 30%. People will see northern lights from Maine to Washington (United States).

People are protected from solar material, the magnetic field of the planet, but the equipment in space is always affected. As a result, you may have difficulty with GPS, mobile network signal and satellite TV. It is also possible to increase the standard current level in the power lines, so the plant will lose a certain power ratio.

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