Wednesday , June 23 2021

Scientists have found a diet for brain health

Ученые нашли диету для здоровья мозгаDiet and some foods only have a strong impact on one's weight.

The sweet tooth is less painful than the dean. Cell Reports published an article in the magazine, scientists, such a conclusion. Researchers, unfortunately, have pointed out that dementia does not yet exist. But if you eat a lot of sugar, the disease may slow down. starch and some protein.

Scientists believe that the diet and some foods have a strong influence not only on the weight of the individual, but also on the health of the brain, blood vessels, heart and other important organs of the body. For example, recently, experts have shown that drinking large quantities of olive oil and Mediterranean food significantly reduces the chances of dying from a stroke or heart attack and, in contrast, excessive amounts of salt at dinner worsen the health of the heart and blood. ships. However, hundreds of experiments in recent years have led to conflicting results.

For example, there are clues that show that a diet rich in harmful fats and proteins improves health and extends life. Sydney University and his colleagues discovered the Val devine plus a ın bad lar diet that includes a lot of carbohydrates. They watched the lives of hundreds of old rats. Some, as the researchers pointed out, sat on a special diet.

Scientists ran in a labyrinth of rats, with many outputs marked with different scents, and watched how quickly it was to find a way out. Rodents eating almost pure carbohydrates quickly found a way out.

Içer The most effective diet from our list included only 8% protein and 80% carbohydrate. This is very similar to the food consumed by the inhabitants of the island of Okinawa, one of the main ından longevity ömür areas of the earth, David Le Couture, his colleagues from Valya.

He stated that their diet contains a large amount of sweet potatoes containing a lot of starch.

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