Friday , September 17 2021

Sarah Ferguson defends Princess Eugenie’s husband over yacht photos: ‘She was doing her job’

Sarah Ferguson defended her son-in-law, Jack Brooksbank, after photos of him with three women on a yacht in Capri appeared in the tabloids.

on a view BBC One‘NS Single Show On Monday, August 2, Ferguson said the pictures depict a “totally made-up story” and that Brooksbank was in Capri as part of his job as Casamigos tequila ambassador.

Brooksbank has been married to Ferguson’s youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, since 2018. The couple gave birth to their first child, a son named August, in February 2021.

on Sunday, August 1, Mail Online He posted photos of Brooksbank on a yacht with three women in Capri. According to the report, the women were Rachel Zalis, Casamigo’s global director, and models for Maria Buccellati and Erica Pelosini.

talk to Single Show‘ hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker, Ferguson said he felt “for Jack’s sake” that it was “really important to clarify” what was seen in the pictures.

“Jack on the front page is a very honest man,” he said. “Just one of my favorite people, I actually call him James Bond.

“There’s only one superhero in my book, and a great father, a great husband. He is never in front of the house, he always likes to be in the back. So the fact that they made this story is actually completely fabricated.

“She was working as an ambassador for the Casamigos and was doing her job, and so I think it’s really important for us to explain this for Jack’s sake,” she continued.

Brooksbank was in Capri to attend Unicef’s Summer Gala on July 30. The event was sponsored by Casamigos, a tequila brand founded by American actor George Clooney.

Talking about being a grandmother for the first time, Ferguson said she would be very happy for August to play with Barbies if she wanted to.

“I’ve had sisters with daughters and now Barbies are set aside, I have to get into cars, trucks and bikes.

“It has to be said, dear August, if Barbie wants it, we’ll bring the Barbies back! I think we don’t judge anyone or anything in life, we just go to the heart,” he said.

She also revealed that her eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, will soon give birth to her first child.

“Beatrice is about to have him for the first time – and there’s already Wolfie that she’s really good with, and she’s five, so she loves watching Storytime with Fergie,” she said, referring to Beatrice’s stepson Christopher.

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