Tuesday , May 17 2022

Pacific Nations Giving Great Sound at World Rugby Table


REUTERS: In the Pacific Island countries, Fiji and Samoa, the World Rugby Board of Directors has enabled them to have a greater say in executing the game after fulfilling the governance criteria.

The teams will be participating in an extended council in May 2019, as well as representatives from the two countries, Georgia, Russia and the United States, which have reached the last 8 of the last World Cup.

World Rugby President Bill Beaumont said in a statement, "We were very happy to invite Fiji and Samoa to the council, and two unions contributed a lot to the game." Said.

"I know the Pacific Islands are unique, immersed in the rugby heritage and the unions will bring excellent insights and make strong contributions to the council."

The 49-member council of World Rugby oversees the strategy of the game and chooses homeowners of Rugby World Cup tournaments.

Pacific Islander nations received only one share of the vote on the council through the Rugby Oceania, which previously represented 12 countries from the region, including New Zealand and Australian power plants.

Rugby Oceania had only two votes; New Zealand and Australia are among the 10 countries – the Rugby Championships and the Six Nationals – each with three votes.

The World Rugby has long advocated that the Pacific Island peoples should implement better governance and administrative procedures to join the council as independent members.

Both Fiji and Samoa were rejected in parliament until two years ago, when they developed their governance.

"This shows that the model is in place, the road is in place and the door is open to other trade unions looking to take part in the assembly," Beaumont added.

"We encourage all unions to be inspired by Fiji and Samoa, review their governance and strive to achieve the necessary criteria."

(Reporting by Wellington by Greg Stutchbury; Editing by Nick Mulvenney)

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