Friday , August 19 2022

Nikon launches a global campaign to position itself as küresel future-oriented Nik


Nikon will be able to release new products to the market and to show that it is göstermek future-oriented “. has launched a new platform.

As part of the global campaign, Nikon has published three points created by R / GA Singapore. The videos showcase the talent of telling stories through technological advances, such as new optics that produce depth images to help Z series photographers deal with difficult lighting conditions.

The campaign was held in partnership with documentary photographer Tamara Merino, German fashion photographer Jamari Lior and landscape photographer Weerapong Chaipuck from Thailand. The movies were shot with the Nikon Z 7.

Ler We wanted to show off the camera's capabilities in an authentic way, because they talked for themselves, ini said Bob Mackintosh, executive director of R / GA's executive executive director, APAC.

"The most powerful way to do this was to use the product to document how real photographers handled the real problems. This is almost instantiating the Z series's progress for professional and amateur users.

Stephanie Dugas, global head of media and communication, 39 Catch Tomorrow in has turned Nikon towards a future perspective. He focuses on the energy of our brand for excellence and re-shapes the future of photography to discover unlimited possibilities. "

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