Thursday , September 29 2022

Netflix released more shows, Entertainment News and Top Stories in Asia


American streaming service giant Netflix announced plans for 17 Asian programs next year, while Hollywood's actress Robin Wright and Mexican actor Diego Luna gave a showcase of stars in Singapore.

What's Happening: Asia – the first event in the region – was held yesterday at Marina Bay Sands and continues today as it aims to strengthen its position outside of the United States and win international subscribers.

Some of the upcoming upcoming Asian titles include Netflix's first introduction to Thai programming with Shimmers and The Stranded.

The horror sequences will be directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit, author of the horror series The Stranded, author of the horror film Shutter & # 39; s (2004), while Lightning is about five teenagers haunted by ghosts of his past in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Among other highlights, including the Pacific Rim, the slash of anime productions from Japan, the hit 2003 Hollywood film-inspired anime series, as well as the live action sci-fi cyberpunk series from Netflix.

Taiwan will also present the Triad Princess, a romantic comedy series that will release a period zombie series called The Kingdom of South Korea, with a new Chinese language program starring Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu.

The original series of content from India will be announced today.

Chief Editor, Sar Saros, said in one of the 300 journalists in the region: "The beauty of Netflix is ​​that we can see stories never seen before from South Korea, Thailand, Japan, India, Taiwan or elsewhere, and we can easily connect people to all of Asia and the world. over.

"More than half of the Asian content clocks displayed in Netflix this year are outside the region, so we are confident that fans of the coming Asian product group will be amazed by their home country and abroad."

Wright, the star of Netflix's first original series, House Of Cards (2013 to 2018), showed that the opposite was true – audiences from around the world, especially those related to American politics. is interested in his show.

Actress Claire Underwood, who plays politician Claire Underwood, said: "When I went to every country, I was surprised and surprised by how many people knew House Of House too much.

. I think the show is about the art of war, that is how politics works in every country.

"Yes, the show is Machiavellian and dramatic, but you have the truth."

Last year, last year, after a series of sexual abuse allegations against him, the former star Kevin Spacey, who was suddenly fired from the show, did not mention.

His character, President Francis Underwood, was killed last week in the sixth and final season of House Of Cards, launched on Netflix. Wright, who plays his wife, manages him as president.

He said: "I'm proud that we've made it our goal … and we've done it for our fans and finished it the way we did."

As the show ended, Wright added: "I will miss your clothes and your shoes."

Later, Luna and American actor Michael Pena spoke about his upcoming show Narcos: Mexico, facing a drug war in Mexico. For both, it was the first trip to Singapore and was clearly excited.

38-year-old Luna, "This feels like a dream. I come from a place that is 14 hours behind, this is a future for me.

"I called my children and told them I was in the future."

42-year-old Pena, as Marina Bay Sands says: "I've only been at the hotel so far and some cities are as big. I don't even have to leave."

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