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NASA warns of record low temperatures as mini ice age to fall to the ground


In an interesting case, NASA recently said that a long and extreme cold temperature would hit the area within months.

Scientists from the sunspot activity on the surface of the sun have fallen to such a low level that the record low temperature, after a short time, brings together a long and cold winter in months, creating an extremely small Ice Age.

. We see a cooling trend. On the surface of the earth, on the edge of the field, our atmosphere loses its heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon create a Space Age record for the cold, soğuk said Martin Mlynczak, the leading researcher.

Scientists have discovered an extremely cold new planet "Super World"

The weather data came from the SABER device used to monitor the emission of carbon dioxide and nitric oxide (NO) in the TIMED satellite of NASA, which measures changes in the Earth's atmosphere. Satellite has discovered that the thermosphere of the upper atmosphere of the world is currently cooling and shrinking. Daily mail.

The team created the ’Thermosphere Climate Index‘ (TCI) to follow. This number showed how many heat capture molecules, such as carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, were released into space. Ölç SABER is currently measuring 33 billion Watts of infrared power from NO. This is 10 times smaller than we saw in the more active stages of the solar cycle. Mlynczak can set a record in a few months.

By Sun, The solar minimum can increase the effects of space weather conditions, disrupt communication and navigation, and can also cause space space to navigasyon walk around & according to NASA. An increase in solar winds may result in more lightning and cloud formation by altering the chemistry of the thermosphere, which in turn affects passengers and flight crews by further influencing air travel.

NASA previously calculated that the sun will reach its minimum low point in 2019 or 2020. However, researchers warn that sunspots disappear faster than expected, and that the current solar cycle will be shorter than expected.

. We're not there yet, but it can happen in a few months, M Mlynczak said.

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