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Merger is now championship championship


Bibiano Fernandes and Kevin Belingon
A championship world was appointed the champion of bantamweight Brazil's (L) Bibiano Fernandes, now head of the # ONE: Lion of Heart n in Singapore, with the Philippines champion Kevin Belingon & # 39; u captured. – A CHAMPIONSHIP

By Michael Angelo S. Murillo
Senior Reporter

SINGAPORE – Best mixed martial arts bantamweight action headlines Bibiano; The Flash a Fernandes, a championship world champion in a championship's B Heart of the Lion şampiyon event, and breaks champion Kevin ları The Silencer En Belingon Philippines.

The battle for the merger, which will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, is a rematch of the fighters' 2016 match, but Messrs. Fernandes and Belingon both see a new dynamic.

Mr. Fernandes (22-3) climbed on top of a pile where he found it on the bandbandweight section of ONE, 2013.

He has won the All-comers and has successfully defended his belt seven times.

In January 2016, the Brazilian champion met with Mr. Belingon and practically paved the way for it, and concluded the fight on the opening round (kimura).

But in his first meeting he held the number of Filipino champions, and Mr Fernandes acknowledged that he needed to know Mr. Belingon better than lightly considering how greatly evolved since the last war.

I Kevin Belingon has improved a lot. I've seen you growing up as an opponent over the past few years. As far as I know, I know that Kevin will be a completely different warrior, Bil he said.

He went on to say that he would come to a fight, the only way he knew how to win for today's title.

Şimdi I've held this world title for a long time and now I'm about to leave it. I am ready to go full five rounds, but I'm ready to finish with knockout or submission when the opportunity manifests itself. Mr. 9 said, orum I can't wait to make a demonstration on this 9 November. Bay

Team Lakayings successful return to Mr. Fernandes after his disappearance sees Belingon as “the most important order of his career sır.

Baguio Belingon (19-5) had achieved six victories since being taken by the Brazilian, and said that the defeat taught him a great deal and inspired his continued ascent.

“This is the most important invention of my career. I worked hard for that. It's taken years to get to this level, and since I met Bibiano in 2016, I've learned a lot as a martial artist and rival, m said Mr. Belingon.

Im Since this loss, I have continued to focus on developing my skills and working to erase my weaknesses. Right now, I can safely say how much I've developed. One of the biggest improvements is my ground game. I know it's a BJJ black belt, I had the privilege to experience his first struggle before. But now, I'm more equipped to handle everything he throws at me. I want to end the problems early and I believe the undisputed ONE will be the Bantamweight World Champion, bitir he added.

By the way, Messrs. Fernandes and Belingon, the world's gruesome champion, Martin ”The Situ-Asian on, have a victory over a similar enemy in Nguyen.

In March of this year, Mr. Fernandes defeated Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Heing in a unanimous decision by Vietnam-Australia in July.

In the meantime, the main event of the Heart of the Lion is the intercultural battle between Christian Lee in Singapore and Kazuke Tokudome from Japan.

The fighting, serving as a joint main event to Fernandes and Belingon, replaced the so-called mainstream event, which included the championship-counter-championship clash between the women's straw champion şampiyon The Panda kadınlar Xiong Jing Nam and women's atomic weight champion Angela Fern. The first for Singapore's unstoppable Bir Lee isi.

Unfortunately, on Monday, it was announced that the battle between Ms. Xiong and Lee would not force her to do so because of a back injury sustained by Ms. Lee at the end of the training.

Among the other fights in the heart of the Lion were the battle of the kickboxing Super Series between Girgio Petrosyan of Italy and Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy of Thailand and the women with Tiffany Tiffany Teo from Thailand. Among the overalls of Michelle Nicolini in Brazil.

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