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Don't believe what the skeptics say – dragons are real. They may not breathe fire, but they definitely exist and you can see them yourself.

From 17 to 31 December, you'll experience real-world inspiration and real-world inspiration when you face legendary creatures like dragons, unicorns, griffeners, and many other things in Singapore Zoo.

Marvel at the realistic replicas of fantastic creatures, play exciting games and as you explore these legendary lands, go to a creature researcher's trail. In addition, Singapore residents benefit from attractive discounts on tickets.

Here are eight exciting things to do in Singapore Zoo this season:

Come face to face with legendary monsters and enjoy exciting activities for the last attempt of Singapore Zoo. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

1. Enter the land of the rising mythical animals

The Valley of Legends is a land full of creatures from the pages of the legend.

The exhibition features 17 different dragons and animals from the stories of different cultures. These 3D animatronic structures have sound, fog and movement for an impressive experience.

Prepare to be stunned by basil, unicorns, giraffes, eastern dragons and much more while wandering through the legendary valley. See if you can predict which real-life animals inspire these creatures and keep your camera handy for great photo opportunities.

Be vigilant with the live structures of dragons and monsters from different cultures in the Valley of Legends. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

2. Meet the King of the Night and his ice dragon 2.

Winter came to Singapore Zoo. Rumor has it that a fairy-tale of Westeros is seen in the Singapore Zoo (the horrible ice dragon of Night King).

In great collaboration with HBO, the Singapore Zoo will host a lifelong copy of the live from the hit HBO Original series Game of Thrones, complete with special effects.

This is where the ice dragon first appears in Asia, so don't miss the chance to see it in person.

If the ice dragon does not send enough tremors to your spine, gather the courage to meet him for the King of the Night accompanied by the White Hikers. Give them a cool pose between 17:00, 18, 24 and 25 with them between 11:00 and 14:00.

Use a special HBO Game of Thrones pin in the Frozen Tundra on 1, 2, 8 and 9 December. Send a photo on Instagram with your favorite legendary creature or #Singaporezoo and #dragonsandbeasts hashtag with Ice Dragon.

Do you dare to come face to face with the King of the Night and his scary ice dragon? PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

3. der and a real dragon

Once you see the legend, experience the reality: feel the excitement of approaching a real ejic.

Bearded dragon or pogona, Australian origin. His name stems from the ise beard potansiyel on the lower part of his throat – which can be blunted or threatened by becoming a potential enemy. When the pogonas were threatened, they opened their mouths and hissed in a dazzling way, adding the dragon's appearance.

But don't worry – Singapore is a friendly creature in the pogona at the Zoo. You can meet on weekends and December 25 at 10.15 and 15.30 (20 minutes per session).

The pogona in Singapore Zoo is a friendly creature despite its dragon appearance. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

4. Destroy the legendary animals

Wear your scientific caps as a scientific researcher to reveal which real-life animals inspire dragons and other mythical creatures.

Take your Creature Researcher page at the Pavilion across Babirusa, then head to the Valley of Legends to start searching.

You'll find clues around specific creatures that you can follow to take you to real-world animals that inspire these creatures.

Once you've followed them, collect stamps on your Creature Investigator page to use a custom badge. This activity is valid on weekends and December 25th.

The Creature Researcher Path allows you to discover real-world colleagues of legendary creatures. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

5. Play Games to Discover the Legend of Reality Inspired

Enjoy your hands playing games related to creatures related to mythical creatures and animals in the frozen Tundra.

In the ra Eye of the Award, ün imitate a black saliva cobra that shakes the prey into the eyes of its prey. This deadly creature has probably inspired the basilica legends, a reptilian monster that can kill its prey in one look.

Test your accuracy by throwing a ball into the target board – do you know the accuracy of black saliva cobras?

Become a gecko in ol Shake It Off ‘. When they are in danger, Geckos breaks up their tails and reproduces – like a gang that is a multi-headed dragon who reproduces heads cut off from Lithuanian folklore. Can you shake off the removable Velcro tail in 30 seconds?

Finally, treat it as a white rhinoceros in "Hunting with Horns". The legendary unicorn is a similar animal, use white rhinos to dig horns and roots and small plants to eat. Put on a horn and transfer the rings from a board to a basket like a white rhino.

Games are available on weekends and December 25th. Complete three game stations to get a special pin.

To use a special pin, complete three game stations (design varies by date). PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

6. Create your own dragon and unicorn

Express your creativity with a range of fun craft activities. Using paper and other materials, home a mythical beast – a dragon or a unicorn.

Work on weekends and December 25th.

Create a cute dragon or unicorn in a fun arts and crafts event. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

7. Refreshing Cup Dragon Cooler

All these fun activities are sure to be thirsty. When you need some refreshing, go to Ah Meng Restaurant for a tasteful cup Dragon Cooler – a red dragonfruit and orange juice mix that is good for your digestive system.

Enjoy as a delicious juice mix or add yogurt to make it into a smoothie.

Enjoy a delicious Dragon Cooler cup to maintain your moisturizing and energy levels all day long. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

8. Benefit from this extraterrestrial discount

Be part of all the action of the Singapore Zoo with some wonderful discounts. Singapore nationals and permanent residents receive 45 per cent of each second ticket (adult or child) with each full-price adult ticket purchased online.

Return to the dragons and monsters area and experience year-end programming of other wildlife parks. Perennial Wildlife 10 percent of a friend consisting of Individual or Family members is disabled.

This includes a 20% discount on Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park, free shopping and other benefits. You will also receive a special dragon pin.

For more information and to book your Singapore Zoo tickets, click here.

Singapore citizens and permanent residents enjoy special discounts during this holiday season. PHOTO: WILDLIFE SINGAPORE RESERVE

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