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Lee Sang Yoon Jokes about the possibility of dating Jang Nara in real life

Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Nara on the screen recently answered a question about their real survival prospects!

On October 29th, the duo, currently playing the lead role in “VIP olarak as a married couple, took part in SBS's“ True Fun Night ”. “VIP ilgili is about a team responsible for VIP customers of a store and tells its story. Working women trying to survive both in the labor force and in their marriages. Jang Nara is the regular wife of Park Sung Joon, played by Na Jung Sun, the deputy chief of the VIP task force, and her husband, Lee Sang Yoon.

Ang Because we're the same age, we call each other by name and we're very close, J explained Jang Nara about their relationship. Lee Sang Yoon told the kiss scenes, “The first scene we shot in eight.. in the morning. I was there for the first time, although it was the house where both of our characters lived. I was worried about the day before. ”Jang Nara, önce Before shooting the kissing scene, I was really nervous and embarrassed, but once I took the shot, there was no such thing. "

When asked about the real-life potential of two people, Lee Sang Yoon cautiously replied, "There is nothing with zero potential." However, after looking at Jang Nara's expression, he said in a funny way, leri His eyes ask what he asks on earth. I'm talking about you. "

Regarding drama, Lee Sang Yoon said: ol It's good to keep watching while waiting for the next episode for each final until the final. ”

SBS's “VIP” is broadcast on Monday and Tuesday at 10 o'clock. KST.

Catch the “VIP“ premiere below!

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