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It was called the main enemies of male power.


Названы главные враги мужской потенцииMany drugs are bad for libido.

A problem known as reduced power, known to many men. It will help experts to cope with the disease. However, to prevent this problem or a comprehensive approach to treatment and rapid recovery, there are a number of preventive measures that must be followed by each man.

If you spend a romantic evening with a girl, it's important to have power on your side; and did not forget the important nuances that could have a significant impact on it.

In today's article, we will explain what are the main enemies of power.


Many men are drinking spirits to relax, relax and increase your sexual desire. Of course, if a man knows the size and how the body affects his alcohol. However, even in this case, there is a risk of overdoing. Therefore, the best date to give up alcohol. Otherwise, it is possible to fall asleep before reaching very painful moments; but if it comes, the erection may fail.

If you really want to drink alcohol on a romantic date, let her have a glass of champagne, but not anymore. This sparkling beverage is the most appropriate and stimulating. However, the effect does not last long, so you need to choose the right moment.


The fact that smoking is harmful to the entire body is not a secret for everyone. Nonetheless, smoking is also considered to be the main enemy of men's health. According to statistics, 90% of men with erectile problems smoke; and this is no coincidence. Tobacco stimulates spasms of blood vessels in the body, including reproductive organs. If this happens, then an erection will not occur at the right time.

So, before today, it is best to excite the excitement in another way. If you smoke, do it after you have sex.


Coffee affects the body in the same way as smoking: blood vessels begin to contract, preventing the onset of the erection. Especially explosive combination – coffee and cigarettes. This dude is having sex.

Heavy food

Foods containing too much fat and trans fats give a large amount of cholesterol into the blood vessels. Fatty foods due to problems with metabolism, coronary artery disease, and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, this type of food is not delivered before and does not deteriorate.

It is best to eat greasy dishes instead of fresh vegetables and fruits, peppers, herbs, nuts, seafood, red fish. The product contains useful vitamins and minerals that will support the vessels in good condition and contribute to sexual stimulation.

You can eat yeast and sugar without any bread while eating. If you only eat bread, prefer rye flour to bakery products. And don't forget the power of the original male man – garlic. But don't use it before this date.


Often this comes from pressure, stomach ulcers and sedatives.

To this day, there are several ways to avoid getting into trouble. If the doctor writes a prescription, you may want to find an alternative medication without crushing the strength of the effect. If my program allows taking medication, do not drink it before a date. In a pinch, you can bring a date to organize the medication after it has been discontinued.

Do not forget to take the medication to improve erection, you only need instructions, the best is given by a doctor. Uncontrolled intake of such drugs can be fatal.

Anabolic means

Harmful anabolic steroids to the body as a whole. But they don't affect sexual desire. When the body becomes too much, the body ında thinks olduğun that there is too much testosterone. Eventually the body begins to produce significant male hormone “testosterone lar in smaller numbers. In addition, the testes become smaller.


Prolonged stress and anxiety stimulate the body's cortisol production (stress hormone). This leads to weight gain and prevention of erection. Often there are many people who suffer and suffer not only from obesity but also from problems related to sexual arousal. For this reason, it is important to get rid of stress with the help of psychologists or various relaxation techniques and then to establish a sexual life.

It should be noted that some shaking would benefit. Offer to go on a roller coaster, race on karting, or go to the cinema to watch a horror movie. These feelings of adrenaline stimulate testosterone production.


Passionate compromise in the bed is either in movies or in the first phase of the relationship. But when a couple has been together for many years, fusing their conflicts and grievances, especially their affinity, has a bad effect on the relationship.

If you plan a close proximity with your partner, forget about the claims, arguments and manufactures and leave. It is best to forget the bad moments with kindness and just say the nice and kind words of your partner.

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