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IPhone 10 may have some problems

Can you believe that the iPhone X has been over a year? When it was released last year, it made the biggest design of the iPhone since its debut in 2007.

The iPhone X had a Super Retina resolution of 5.8 inches, including "edge-to-edge" OLED display, lack of Home button, Face ID, and a 3D depth scanning face recognition feature called wireless charging. The newer iPhone can be cut and modified by XS and XR models, but iPhone X is an important milestone in Apple's history.

However, as with all other technology components, the iPhone X is still vulnerable to defects and malfunctions, and now the current phones are no longer a one-year-old. In fact, Apple has recently acknowledged that some iPhone X units have serious hardware issues.

Continue reading and see if it is affected. You may be eligible for a replacement unit.

iPhone X Image Problems

Apple reports to customers that the $ 1000 iPhone X smartphones are experiencing major problems with the touch screen OLED displays.

Based on an official publication on its website, Apple said, "some iPhone X screens may have touch problems due to a component that could malfunction in the imaging module".

This means that due to a faulty internal part, the iPhone X & apos; s touch screen may behave strange or completely fail. For example, the entire screen of your iPhone X (or part of the screen) may not respond to touch inputs.

In other cases, your iPhone X screen may suffer from "fictitious touches" even when it is idling and reacts when touched.

You can imagine how annoying this can be. Self-opening applications, fixed typos, accidental touch and, worse, when you need your screen most often gives an error. The results can be serious.

Apple will repair your defective iPhone for free

If you're experiencing these issues with the touch screen of the iPhone X, Apple has confirmed that it will replace the defective part of the appropriate devices for free.

The keyword here is "appropriate" because there are restrictions on the service of iPhone X units. Any problems that prevent the repair from completing must be solved before replacing the defective part.

This means that the screen of your iPhone X should be neither cracked nor painted, and the phone must be turned on. If you have other problems than the touch screen, you may incur additional costs.

Also, if you purchased your iPhone X abroad, you may not be eligible for free local repair, as the Apple service may limit it to the local country and the location of purchase.

You can also contact Apple for a refund if you have already changed the screen of the iPhone X & # 39;

Note that this screen repair program does not extend the one-year standard warranty of your iPhone X, but it will cover all iPhone X units for 3 years after the first retail sale.

However, Apple has not provided a serial number tool to check the suitability of an iPhone X. This means that all iPhone X units are available as long as they display display problems, regardless of the production date.

Click here to read the official statement of Apple.

MacBook Pros also have problems

The problems are not just iPhone X. "A limited number of 128 GB and 256 GB solid state drives (SSDs) used in 13-inch MacBook Pro units have also confirmed that there is a problem that could result in data loss and driver malfunction."

If you purchased your MacBook Pro between June 2017 and June 2018, you are eligible for this repair program.

If you have this unit, you can get your MacBook Pro to repair as soon as possible or you may lose your files and documents.

To check if your 13-inch MacBook Pro has been affected, you can enter the serial number of your laptop.

How do you view your MacBook & # 39; s serial number?

Here's how to view the serial number of your MacBook Pro:

  1. Click the Apple logo on the left side of the menu bar.
  2. Select "About This Mac".
  3. The serial number of your Mac will be listed at the bottom of the feature list.

Apple's service options

If your iPhone X or MacBook Pro is appropriate to be changed, you have three options to serve.

As always, it is recommended that you back up your gadget before sending it. Completely erased is also a good idea.

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