Monday , May 16 2022

Ikea takes stray dogs who need a place to sleep


An Ikea store in Italy has opened its doors to stray dogs that need a warm place to sleep during the winter – they have won praise from all over the world.

Martine Taccia, who recently discovered the carpeted dogs among the Christmas showcases, was shopping in the Swedish furniture store in Catania.

Çok My reaction was very astonished, D Dodo said. “This is not common.“

According to Taccia, store staff also provide food and water to the homeless puppies – and some dogs zam went home with their customers and found a family Tac.

A video shot by Taccia from the heart attack screen was viewed almost a million times on Facebook and received hundreds of comments from people who thanked the store and its employees.

Catania Ikea & # 39; s other customers also tagged the photos of the dogs on the social media under the store's location.

Tı Now I'm bound to Ikea forever kadar, a person commented on the picture of sleeping dogs.

Another said: y I love Ikea even more! The dogs perform the decor perfectly. "

Although this does not seem to be a company-wide initiative, Ikea has previously shown the soft side to animals.

In 2017 the furniture company just launched a house collection for cats and dogs.

The LURVIG collection, called the Swedish word içer shaggy “, contains pet beds, cushions, meals and a miniature couch.

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