Tuesday , January 26 2021

He was fined $ 12,600 to have illegal imports of foodstuffs, courts and Crime News and Top News, and to rent out them.

SINGAPORE – A 35-year-old man was sentenced to illegal import of foodstuffs and water.

The man involved, Ong Yu Fong, was fined $ 12,000 to have illegally imported duck blood and dried beef slices. In order to make the illegal import of salted duck eggs from China, it was fined $ 600. These items are for sale.

In a statement Thursday (November 14th) by the Singapore Agricultural Food and Veterinary Agency (AVA), an official said that he was a potential buyer on Ong's WeChat account.

Ong was arrested on November 2, 2017, when he received the goods ordered by the AVA official. Ong was found with 60 kg duck blood, 0.5 kg dried meat and 36 salted duck eggs from China.

AVA has discovered that Ong has been seeking travelers from China to sell food and meat products through WeChat since 2016. Ong, on the other hand, would offer passengers a transportation fee as payment for extra baggage allowance.

Any person who illegally imports meat products from sources that have not been approved for the first time can enter a US $ 50,000, a two-year prison sentence, or both. In subsequent convictions, there are no more than $ 100,000, three years of imprisonment or both.

Animal blood product products such as duck blood are prohibited in Singapore because blood can easily support the growth of bacteria and can carry diseases. Non-hygienic collection of blood can also result in the introduction of foodborne pathogens into blood food products.

Meat, eggs and products can only be imported from accredited sources in countries approved by AVA's food safety standards and requirements.

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