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He returned to us all by providing golden soundbites, strident back in the war style, ruffled mischief and was quite hilarious with his sharp claws about the Football Union.

The Portuguese did not have another masterclass approaching Turin with three points, two goals surprised almost everyone within five minutes.

It wasn't a classic Mourinho screen, either. It's not the same rating as Porto's 1-1 draw, but with the same pattern as Manchester United in 2004, which led to the famed knee-slide, when Inter Milan suffered heavy pressure against Barcelona in 2010. Caused Mourinho to be thrown from the sprinklers. The gods greeted the travelers.

In 2010 Mourinho launched an unforgettable defense from Inter Milan in Barcelona

In 2010 Mourinho launched an unforgettable defense from Inter Milan in BarcelonaGetty Images

However, the United manager this week, in front of the Manchester derby in Etihad, is on the rise, and even suggested that Chelsea will not retreat in February 2014 in the same way as Chelsea's 1-0 win. One of Portugal's most impressive back guard indicators.

On the eve of the match, Mourinho was asked whether he would start foot with City, as in Juventus and with Chelsea in the last 2-2 draw.

" We're going to try. I cannot say that we will be successful in our motivations, but we have played two difficult matches against two very good teams, Chelsea and Juventus, and have achieved good results."

. And even if we didn't have good results in our pockets, the performances were there, there was a positive attitude, so we'll try. But you're right, Manchester City is a very strong team. "

Will Mourinho stick to David de Gea's promise to park in front of his target when the combined team bus arrives at 16:30 on Sunday?

United, while busy themselves in Turin, City, against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League in a 6-0 & # 39;

Manchester City scored six goals in midweek Shakhtar Donetsk

Manchester City scored six goals in midweek Shakhtar DonetskGetty Images

Mutual preparations – and the way in which City can play games in the first 20 minutes – can be bluffing of Mourinho.

His United side slowly began to get value for money that they could do against the entire conquering suit of Pep Guardiola. Therefore, there is the possibility that Mourinho will try to keep things tight.

However, there is little to say that, despite the fall of his side, his defense has regained his faith. This season, 16 opponents have held only three clean sheets in the game – the only way to stop Burnley'ye, the only person on the road.

United broke a new record for its neighbors – a 3-2 win over 2-0, defeating City's party celebration party last April. Mourinho, 12 months ago 0-0 & # 39;

The destructive presence of Marouane Fellaini led to the impasse in 2017 and is expected to be called once again after the impact of Belgium's presence in Turin.

Marouane Fellaini posted on April 2017 in Manchester

Marouane Fellaini posted on April 2017 in ManchesterGetty Images

The challenge Mourinho faces is whether or not to start an extraordinary midfielder, given more mobility in the trio of Ander Herrera, Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba.

However, it definitely offers an option for the last quarter of the game – whether it's a chasing game like Juventus or a forward change as a protective shield.

Just a month ago, Mourinho was facing a sack in front of the house with Newcastle.

Three consecutive wins alleviated the pressure on those who are not over 55 years old – but the form of the City positions visitors as a strong stranger.

An indication of this is that seven City players are less likely to be the first goal scorer than any United player in terms of national records, and Anthony Martial has extended the score by 11/1 despite the last renaissance.

Anthony Martial scored five goals in his last six games, but wasn't one of the favorites first.

Anthony Martial scored five goals in his last six games, but wasn't one of the favorites first.PA Sport

Thirteen months ago, on the way to United Anfield, he was in a similar form, but the maddening 0-0 was hardly criticized despite a flashy defensive display. Mourinho thought the attack was in Liverpool as the home team.

He then said: "(Emre) Can, (Jordan) Henderson and (Georginio) Wijnaldum 90 minutes played and I thought we played at home, seven points in the back, they will change. They never did. And I never got a chance to answer.

"There were only two midfielder and no one else to make it up. I didn't have a chance to get the game back, so I think it's a positive point for us."

There is only one month left for a season, but on Sunday, the feeling that City should win would be 12 numbers indifference to United. The United State should produce a similar display, while United Harbor is the realistic hope of joining Chelsea and Liverpool to challenge its neighbors.

Mourinho charged with "getting on the bus" when shooting in Liverpool, United 2017

Mourinho charged with "getting on the bus" when shooting in Liverpool, United 2017Getty Images

But this dead end in Anfield is the club's eighth clean page in 12 games, and there is no denial that the recovery of the United States lacks the concessions of a similar solid foundation.

Mourinho's retreat celebrations have returned and may have another part of the party that should extend United's last good run in the Etihad.

After United had spread most of his most memorable European days for a year, his agent returned. It wasn't against the mind-game before the match, and those who tried to stay with the city this season were embarrassed.

However, the worst man in the past 29 years, although the worst man from all over the year, the pantomime came from the bad man, the best form of defense can attack the approach is good.

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