Sunday , May 22 2022

Doctors on my smartphone explained what happened to the alarm


Медики объяснили, чем плох будильник на смартфонеIt is recommended that you use a traditional alarm clock, not an application on your smartphone.

Sending e-mail in bulk, notifying continuous notifications from social networks or updating phone firmware are the main factors that do not allow the smartphone to remain silent for at least one minute. But none of them should disturb your sleep.

Although scientists often prove that our dependence on gadgets (especially the emission of blue light) is detrimental to our health, a typical morning, every second person will still start by phone. In general, finally, sleeping in the same room where the smartphone is located is worth the same thing as using it as a tool to wake up!

Well, good old alarm clock, what are better programs on the modern device? To begin the fact that it is not typical for electronics, it emits blue light that suppresses melatonin production – a hormone secreted in the pineal glands of the brain to regulate sleep and needs complete darkness for normal functioning.

Misuse of phones (especially at night) may disrupt your circadian rhythms (internal body clock) which do not only impair sleep and sleep quality, but may cause many other problems, starting with the body's digestive system and ending with hormones. .

Why don't you sleep in the same room? Experts, when you have a phone in the bedroom, not responding to the work email and checking the Instagram tape, it is not a place to stay and a room that you associate with a subconscious job (therefore stress, worry). Plus, it's often tempting at night to check out the social network (reading – hang out for a few hours).

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