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Cole can catch success with Swindell – Andalusian Star-News


Andalusia Natural Clint May is traveling around the country. This night show Jimmy Fallon, Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and many other stadium shows.

Thanks to his father always said that the music is around.

”My father was a priest for the Church of Christ in Andalusia and we always sing a capella,“ he said. ”I mean, since I was about three or four years old, your family would come together and we would all say four-part harmonies.“

May was inspired by his father's and his brother's pursuit of music.

”My father was playing guitar and he had this James Taylor thing that was going to play some kind of harmonica and guitar, because he can't sing well,“ he said. Ald When I was 8, I bought an acoustic guitar, but I didn't really agree with it. When I was 9, I moved to Andalusia and my friend moved and always listened to music. A group of our friends decided to ask for the instrument for Christmas and after that we started to jam. "

His brother always said he'd pushed him in the musical.

”My brother is 10 years older than me,“ he said. ”He always comes home and sings and sings a song to me, beni Only the guitarists can play this guitar.

After graduating from Andalusian High School in 2006, he joined the LBW Community College Ensemble in May, a year and a half. This is where he meets Martin McDaniel, a country music musician from Nashville, Nashville.

”I wanted to start dancing with my music on the LBW Ensemble,“ he said. Erkek I met a few men and Martin. We created a band and we started to play more classical rock and country music. "

McDaniel first said that he was pulling the trigger and moved back to Nashville when he moved to Auburn.

Gerçekten I really didn't know how to move to Nashville, “he said. ”But I knew I wanted to pursue music, so I think moving to Auburn will be bigger and have a better music scene.“

After playing for two years at Auburn, he received a call from May McDaniel.

”He told me that he was waiting for me if I was getting a spot sorted and interested.“ Yd I was in Nashville the next day. “

She played with McDaniel until 2014, when she met Cole Swindell.

”I've been in Nashville for four years and was at the point where I had to play anything I could get,“ he said. Aya I knew some men in Cole's group and invited me to play a concert, and I sat with them. After listening to a few original songs, I knew it was the real deal. "

After playing a showcase with Swindell in Georgia, May was traveling all over the nation for a radio tour.

”We were playing a showcase in Georgia and heard a record company that we heard and liked.“ “We tried to show on radio shows all over the country and get plaque labels to sign us.“

It can be said that they made more than 200 dates for the first two years. Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida were opening up to great country star musicians such as the Georgia Line and Dierks Bentley.

Now, Swindell and the band stand out for their first rounds.

”It was really a ride,“ he said. “I never thought I'd do that, especially from a small town like this. Since Cole's music has been lifted, it's a hurricane, and it's not. It happened very quickly. "

We can say that the performance on television is much more than the performance in the arena or stadium.

”For the past five years, we've been playing in the arena and stadiums, so we're used to it,“ he said. . You know the crowd and what you expect. A totally different experience with the television. I had no idea what to expect and the print was crazy, but it was the best experience. "

With all the fame and performance, he still makes sure to talk to people in his country.

”The people here were very supportive,“ he said. ”Of course, I contacted me for the first few years, and I said they were proud of me and all that, but it still amazes me to see how people support me.“

She loves to improve herself and her family in the music industry in May.

”I'm always trying to learn and be better,“ he said. “I'm starting to produce, so I'm doing a lot. Whenever I'm home, I'm trying to take a break from my wife. We have a four-year-old child, so I'm trying to catch up with most of my time to be a father. "

May and his wife, Regina, had been married for four years. Me and Bonnie May's son.

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