Sunday , October 17 2021

Chelsea News: Danger Bros in Real Madrid, approaching striker, Kovacic jokes joke in Liverpool


Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard, according to his brother Thorgan Real Madrid does not want to leave the club.

Thorgan received information about his brother Hazard and the Borussia Mönchengladbach midfielder said: M I know him and he doesn't think of a move right now.

Cek In any case the Real Madrid pass – wait and give you the best, then you will see what will happen at the end of the season.

Iyor He doesn't want to clash with Chelsea. If one day goes, he does it right without the club's problems. "

Striker Olivier Giroud's French side reported that he was on the verge of making a move to Marseille.

According to the French publication Le Foot, Chelsea If the blues contract ended in the summer months, it could give a 32-year-old person a loan before reaching a permanent agreement.

Last year, Giroud moved to Marseille before moving to London.

It is clear whether Maurizio Sarri's permission to Giroud will continue to prevent his team from moving forward.

Acak Liverpool will not be the English champion. Why? Because you have Dejan Lovren Çünkü

Mateo Kovacic

Croatian midfielder Mateo Kovacic failed to win Liverpool without fooling a chance because his international teammate Dejan Lovren was defended.

Real Madrid award-winning Chelsea & # 39; s seasonal credit, then settled in Stamford Bridge.

Blues and Liverpool continue to be two of the three clubs, including Manchester City's champion – this season is still unbeaten in the Premier League and seems to have a three-way fight for the title.

Kovacic met with his Croatia teammates on Monday to raise money for charity. They also watched a film in which their countries watch a movie this year leading to the final of the World Cup.

And according to 24Sata, Kovacic joked after the film: "Liverpool won't be the British champion. Why? Because there's Dejan Lovren."

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