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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Can Children Be Detained Under Detention in Custody? – Hollywood life


Can Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie come to a detention agreement that separates each one of their children with their favorite parents? A lawyer, ESPECIALLY says that this will happen or not.

Time passes and Angelina Jolie, 43 and Brad Pitt, 54, reportedly tried to cross the deadline of December 4. For this reason, the couple is expected to be in court to start the trial of detention and they are reportedly willing to make a deal in advance. With all these detention speeches, he could have had six children. Maddox17 Pax14, Zahara13, Shiloh, 12 and twins Vivienne and Knox– 10 – finally left? Could Vivienne choose to live with Brad who chose to stay with Angie? ”Of course, it could be,“ David T. Pisarra, The California Family Law Officer, EXCLUSIVELY, describes, but he describes the scenario in which some children live with different parents: US They are usually interested in older children Law.

Or Typically, the courts want to keep all the kids together because they want to ensure the continuity of relationships, “says David. I hollywoodlife.coFaktör But as with Brad and Angelina's children, if there are large age gaps, this could be a factor. Often dislikes and the courts are trying to keep the children together. "

Bad or can Angelina fight to keep all the kids together? This has worsened until the date of the hearing. David T. Pisarra says: tarafından Certainly, parents can fight this, but the problem is that children are entitled to be heard by the courts once they are 14 years old. I Olabilir The court can be in their room in a very different way, by letter, by a third party, by a court reporter. And it depends on what the court is willing to do, its age and maturity.

L Maddox is a 17-year-old technically small child, mature and mature enough to express his wishes and desires, “David adds. ”Pax may be technically 14 years old, but jurors won't make it possible because they want to keep children out as much as possible.“

However, it is not like they have no say in the fates of children. ”A judge will look at where parents want their children to live, David says David. ”If Brad wants to stay in Los Angeles and Angelina wants to live in London, he will take this decision into account because a judge can ask children to live where they grow. Brad Interesting. In the end – we hope that the children will establish a happy, safe and healthy relationship after the fight – and the completion of the legal mud throws. both of them parents are.

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