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AMKTC case: Director, former bank council welcomed GM with my bank card, witness says


SINGAPORE: A company manager, a former city council general manager used a business partner's bank card when getting out for fun.

Chia Sin Lan asked her to apply for a card from his assistant Mr. Tay Eng Chuan, so Chia's family could not find any information about his mistress and girlfriend.

Thai, this to a district court on Friday, November 9, while Chia & # 39; s earlier statement, fun for funds used for the sale of scrap metal has resulted.

At the same time, Chia had not used her card for the mistress and her girlfriend, as she said in the Thai language, but instead used it for expenses when she bought Victor Wong Chee Meng, the general manager of the former Ang Mo Kio City Council (AMKTC).

When Chia paid Wong for karaoke to salons and nightclubs, for food or other entertainment, he would use the bank card and upload it to the Thai Eng Khuan General Contractors, one of the Thai companies.

Tay was the subcontractor of 19-NS2 Enterprise, a company that repaired and redecorated Chia's AMKTC.

Chia faces 54 corruption charges for allegedly providing a $ 107,000 "stable flow" for Wong, in exchange for contracts with the city council.

On the third day, Mr. Tay ordered the court to assert the court that he had used Wong to withdraw money from Wong to another project, instead of paying him back.

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This project was for the works in Ghim Moh, which was carried out by Mr. Tay Eng Khuan General Contractors.

Tay explained to the court that he knew that Chia had helped him achieve this project and that he was responsible for the boss before.

In response to Chia's help, Mr. Tay agreed to divide 50-50 profits from the Ghim Moh project.

Asked by Senior State Counselor, Jiang Ke-Yue, Mr. Tay said at first he did not know that i fun res was for Wong, not Chia's mistress or girlfriend.

Mr. Tay first noticed when his assistant made the accounts and went to Chia for money. Chia said the charges were for Wong.

"I asked – well, why is that, and he looked at me, without reacting at all," Mr. Tay said.

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"Did she give you any money for the expenses?" he asked the prosecutor.

"No. He just asked me not to fall off of Ghim Moh (project). Bana

The prosecutor pointed to the previous statement by Chia's Corruption Practices Investigation Bureau.

Chia said that he was using a credit card issued by Thai to make payments when Wong brought it for entertainment by Wong. Mr. Tay later said he and the Thai would pay the bank for the money he was selling scrap metal.

Asked whether this was true or not, Mr. Tay said: "It's wrong."

The trial continues on Monday.

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