Friday , May 20 2022

American Airlines is not Bo aware of ın the anti-stop system of the Boeing 737 Max until last week.


American Airlines Group Inc said on Wednesday that Boeing Co was "unaware" of some of the functions of a non-stop system until the last week at 737 MAX.

Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last week guided the system after dropping a Lion Air jet in Indonesia on October 29 and killing all 189 people.

The scope of Lion Air crash in

The FAA warned airlines last week, and the faulty inputs from the sensors in the system have made it harder for the pilot to control by automatically allowing the pilot to lower his nose, even when the autopilot is switched off.

The system is designed to prevent the jet from stopping, according to the information Boeing has provided to airline companies.

Ar We value our partnership with Boeing, but we were unaware of some of the functions of the Maneuver Character Increase System (MCAS), Man said the American Airlines spokesman.

”We need to make sure our pilots are fully trained in the procedures and understand the key systems on the aircraft they fly.“

Indonesian inspectors said on Monday that it is believed that the crew of a lord-air Lion Air jet was not included in the flight guide. The pilot unions told Reuters that US pilot unions are not aware of the potential risks.

The regulator said Tuesday that the FAA and Boeing were considering the need for software or design changes to the 737 MAX jete after the Lion Air crash.

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A spokesman for American Airlines said the airline continued to work with Boeing and FAA and the pilots would be informed of any updates.

A Boeing spokesman said the producer cannot discuss the details of an ongoing investigation, but provides two updates re-emphasizing existing procedures to address MCAS-related situations worldwide.

”We are confident in the safety of the 737 MAX,“ he said. ”Security remains our priority and is a key value for everyone in Boeing.“

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