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& # 39; Grinch & # 39; Inspired by the goat Taylor Swift mem.


Warning: There are tiny spoilers ahead for the "Grinch".

The revival of Universal's "The Grinch" Seuss brings some additions and updates to his story, but also adds some new characters, including a screaming goat boy.

The little man who appeared several times throughout the film was inspired by the popular Taylor Swift goat mem.

. We had already made the scene that we knew the Grinch went to find the reindeer and find Fred. [reindeer]. We've already started to create this array, and then we're missing something. There is a layer of fun to travel through the forest, & # 39; director Scott Mosier INSIDER & e.

Mosier continued to be a source of inspiration for the tiny goat, et I wish I could say that he was a little deep, artistic, creative core, but that's YouTube. Mos "There is a Taylor Swift reaction when one of her songs screams and we all couldn't stop laughing. I just think it's the funniest thing in the world."

Mosier mentions the remix of Swift's 2012 song, "I Know You Have Trouble You Were." In 2013, a portion of choruses went viral after adding a screaming goat.

You can watch below:

Mosier said the film and the Illumination team had an idea for the film, but they didn't know if he'd come to the final intersection of the film.

"We were moving towards the first test demonstration, and we were like," How do we end the film? "

. In the beginning, olduğun added Yarrow Cheney. Or It was probably the biggest laugh, and at the end of the film it had given such energy, at this point,, Okay, something works here. We must protect this. "

The little screaming goat opens several times throughout the film, often scares the Grinch and makes it a bit more human.
Universal / Lighting

Interestingly enough, "The Grinch" is not a single animated film of this month. A similar gag of Disney's upcoming "Ralph Breaks the Internet", the sequel to "The Wreck-It Ralph". So we hope to see so many animals.

Read more here with our "Grinch" directors. The movie is now in theaters.

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