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ZVEZDA GOSTUJE U SURDULICI: Players prove yourself now football


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10 November 2018 08:40 |

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Milojevic: In the match archive with Liverpool, Superliga is a priority and we know what to do

In a never-ending mood, Red Star players are, changing iç from European to domestic. A big win against Liverpool for days in the Champions League against fans was also revealed by fans' fans, but the outbursts of Europe's whole were booming lar cold water & several times. Coach Vladan Milojevic's rules are strict and practical, always requiring the same access to the competitor, regardless of "Enfild" or Surdulica. He asks players for a real reaction today, which is home to the Dynamo (15.00) in the Super League.

– We don't have time to think, football. We have played the Champions League against Liverpool and now we have to devote ourselves to the Super League. I want to see the best possible response from my players, because it is getting better and better, giving you a share for the future. I do not want a good result immediately after falling into the water, you must confirm. I believe that my players are real and will be the best against Dinamo. The match with Liverpool wasn't a long time ago, but it was archived before and now I just want to say Dynamo. Milojević is known to give priority to all priorities and know what to do.

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The star strategist always finds a nice word for an opponent, even if it is a "lantern".

– We have reached the second part of the domestic championship. If I say that Dynamo is a summer team without being placed on the table, I won't say anything new. In Vranje, he would play a few games in which we made a match in the Serbian Cup, and we saw how many people from that club. It is important for us to make a good match before a break. I want viewers to come and support us as much as possible in Surdulica. Milojevic, I think we will have all conditions for a show and a good match. "Said.

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Milojevic is having a lot of trouble selecting players for the match with Dinamo.

– We have a large number of staff problems, I get information from the minute about the problems. They won't play Filip Stojković, Goran &aušić and Dušan Jovančić. For some injuries, I still have some contradictions about the extent to which the players can bring the game, because I'm waiting for approval to see the degree of seriousness.

With this encounter, he starts the second round of the championship, in which red and white enter as an undisputed leader with a great advantage over the closest companions of nine or thirteen points.

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