Tuesday , May 17 2022

WELCOME TO LAURY DJURDIC: Tomorrow we donate the luxury icon of Saint George with the Golden Letter and Prayer! | news


Serbian Orthodox Church and its faithful future, November 16, is a person known as Djurdjić. On the occasion of the courier, tomorrow with a golden pen. You will present the luxury icon of George with a prayer on his back.

Photo: Promotion

St. George was a soldier of Christ, who refused to obey the Emperor Diocletian, the great persecution of Christians, saying he was not afraid to die because of his belief. He succeeded in converting the Emperor into Christianity into Alexandria. Both were sentenced to death by cutting their heads, and the conference said it died before the imperial order was fulfilled. He was executed in 303.

Orthodox monasteries George, the first line of holy warriors with a shield and a crossed sword.

Lucky victory wants you courier!


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