Tuesday , July 27 2021

(VIDEO) IVAN AND KARADJORDJEV DATA, Aleksandra on the brink of a nervous breakdown: NEED A ROUGH?

Karadjordje asked Ivan and he agreed, and all cooperatives supported his daughter, with the exception of his daughter Alexandra:

– We gathered here to formalize and believe in our love. I want to trust you, and I want to love our love. he put the ring of Karađorđe and Ivani on his arm.


Mina accepted the engagement and celebrated her mother and her future, while Aleksandra Subotić was in a nervous breakdown:

– I don't know why you're laughing so much. I'm not gonna let anything go. I found my boyfriend and lived with him for days to build things. I'm not like this ruin that knows this is gonna happen. Why did you come to the court, come to find me a job? In two months you'il believe – shouted Alexander.

– I've never intervened in love – Karadjordje replied to his daughter.


– And you, ma'am, have not been trained in our lives, do not comment. I'm his daughter. Some damn guy didn't accept it! – He cried.

– If you don't like it, get out. – He said Ivana.


At one point, Aleksandra began to cry and scream and made a series of lies and insults at the cost of the production and stated that everything was absurd. See what it looks like down there.

WINTER WINNER (VIDEO)! The big boss told his colleagues to be ready for something special. Blondi hopes the GAGI will come to the future!

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