Saturday , May 21 2022

(VIDEO) CAN BE USED, CAN AND MUCH! The moon plans to become a singer: What should I separate from others?


– I think when I go to do it. When everyone wants it, I'm different. I'm more than half of the musical family, more than half of them. After the duet with a solo and Sava. When we both catch ourselves catching up, let's make a ruthless video. When I saw Kia recording the song, I was in the ığ brother ve phase, and when I saw how much he had won ı he hurt his ear, he used it wisely for five minutes. Only the phenomenon is important, I'll use it as soon as I get out, "Luna said.

As Teodora did, you can do it seamlessly, "Sava said, and Alex agreed with him.

– Do you know that when you go out, it'il be even more popular? Alex asked.

– I know, I couldn't use it when I first came. I didn't have to go to the center to go to people. I was in serious trouble, "Luna admitted.

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