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The Serbian government has opened a new website today, which will facilitate the two-way communication of the competent authorities with citizens. The site's name is "Serving Citizens", and on the front page, the government appeals to citizens with important services and opportunities for two-way communication, not prime ministers or ministries.

The government said the focus was on responding to governments and ministries in writing, and ministers monitoring weekly ministries through the web form on the site – "let's be in touch."

The new website of the Serbian Government was presented by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić in Lisbon today.

– The old site was a versatile source of information with limited communication capabilities. In his speech on the Netokracija portal, Brekkić is working on the creation and modernization of the new concept of public administration that should be in the service of citizens and the economy in the last two years.

The government, as stated, has begun to develop numerous electronic services that facilitate and facilitate the daily needs for all citizens.

More detailed and functional

The impression here is that the website is more transparent and functional, navigating and adapting to different device formats, and having a mobile version.

On the left side of the site are divided into six categories: Serbia, Citizens, Business, Media, Government, Communications, also seven options – News, Opportunities, Services, Documents, Highlights, Attractions and Communications. According to premiere, the site was presented and the information that could be important for business and investors, because the government's website is the first image and the first impression of foreigners on Serbia.

– That's why Serbia's tourist sites, cultural heritage, the most important and famous cultural brands are presented. Brnabić has created a good concept that is the basis for our further development in the future.

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The portal is open to everyone, both blind and visually impaired, and the appropriate software was made by local experts at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad and Novi Sad. The site is in Cyrillic, Latin and English.

At the same time, it is part of the economy, where Serbia's potentials are the list of the top 100 Serbs in our history, as well as a list of all cultural institutions. Some destinations in Serbia can be found on the portal because we wish the site to promote our country in the world.

The site includes all audio and video recordings and electronic documents since 2004, as well as archives of all sites since 1998, as of 2004.

Information for citizens

Important information on education, culture, health, insurance and digitization is highlighted in the category of sites for citizens. Citizens of this category may, among other things, find out how many kindergartens exist in the territory of Serbia, which is private and state-owned and is present in the region. In addition, users of the site can find information about a list of health institutions in one place, treatment abroad, insurance, …

The government website also leads to the e-Government portal where citizens can access e-government services.

"Impressed by the website of the Serbian Government"

The Serbian government's redesigned website about social networks has also been interpreted by an expert from the American company "Cloudflare" Mike Nelson, who wrote that "the Serbian government was impressed by the places it faced with citizens".

A new version of the portal of Prime Minister Brutec is presented in Lisbon at a Web Summit in front of an audience of 15,000 participants.

In addition to this site, the IT and e-Government Office website will be redesigned next month and the website of the Ministry of Health will be redesigned according to the same principle.

The Serbian Government Portal was recently redesigned in 2004.

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