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The Serbian Army has shown that the small country in maneuvers has a great combat power! (VIDEO)

The Serbian Army has practiced, because nowadays it has implemented the whole of Europe. The Serbian Army demonstrated high-tech technical-technological development, good education and a high level of combat technique. In a report written by Miroslav Lazanski and Politics, the army of 8,000 people in the field wrote that drills were not a small thing for larger countries.

A hundred years after the great victory in World War I, Serbia has been the scene of the largest military-military exercises since our new army. Approximately 8 thousand members, 100 tanks, 100 combat vehicle infantry, 100 artillery and rocket systems, both terrestrial and PVO, 645 battle systems, from north to south in ten locations across the country maneuvering. The General Staff moved to a time of war, walked in the general investigation and opened fire on several military bases, with the eagle and G-4 combat pilots in the air, 29 miles of immigration, six migrants-29, slammed by the sound of the Mi-8 helicopter and Mi-17 as well as anti- armed with tank missiles "mallutka" "gazelle".

In Tisa, they fired and fired the minor of the "innocent" class armed with two new cannons of 30 mm on sail and patrol vessels. In the lake of Zvornik, commandos descending from the amphibians were asked. Underwater diversions were also included in the protection of the river fleet in Tisa. Both of the ponton units were part of the work, the bridge was set up across the river, and after a long time we could see the tanks passing over a bridge consisting of elements started from the truck. The exercises included all brigade units as well as the 72th Special Brigade.

Certainly a good innovation in relation to some previous exercises and maneuvers is the realization of the movement of all units from peaceful quarters to training grounds or exercise rooms by means of formative means of transport. M-84 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles M-80 carried by trains and railways. In the previous years, the troops of the armored units in the Pasuljan meadows were to be transported to stations or buses with 5 to 6 M-84 and MVP-80 M-80 armored vehicles for five years. However, it is not the same as you should get on your tugboat or your tugboat. It's not the same, especially when you don't get into a training area or shoot from your tank.

From the modern weapons and vehicles to date, the largest military drills to date have drawn the attention of the self-propelled "indigenous" production of the modern Serbian history "nora B-52", "Lazar-3" infantry fighting vehicles, and two new PVO systems "pasars-16 "or" terminator ". True, the M-84 tanks have not been modernized since 1990, M-80 infantry fighting vehicles have also been operating since 1990, but are now engaged. JNA combat models include M-84 tanks, M-80 infantry fighting vehicles, 122-mm "iron" self-propelled tractors, mobile radars from the Giraffe system, PVO "Cub" system, but all were modernized JNA arsenal, Eagle aircraft and G-4 as well, from the Mi-8 helicopters and JNA arsenal gazelles. A full river war fleet from the JNA arsenal, pontoon and amphibians, as well as new rubber boat boats, from China's donation. In addition, from the "1500" program, new scar-rifles, new rifle minima and night optoelectronic devices, as well as equipment and weapons for emergency response units were also seen. Night optoelectronics will significantly improve the combat ability of the army in the night war.

Exercises have shown that the bullet in our country, not only in Myra, Kenya and Bangladesh, but also on the "Crazy B-52", the new automatic charger, "nora B-52", has fired a large number of self-propelled shocks. I don't know how much we can play the simulation of the "digital battalion" in these exercises, it sounds like modern, "reported" and "can work together." Some believe that technology can distribute "the fog of war." The American experience shows that a battalion with incredible technical devices has achieved miserable results, because its troops are blocked by the time required to enter heavy equipment and data, and most of the current conflicts are warm wrestling, guerrilla warfare, ethnic hostilities, or terrorism. , hungry or If the tank is near the hospital, the soldier needs a more robust judgment than a computer technique because we believe there is almost no "surgical" stroke for the time being. "Bassoon", "Maverick" …

The creation of skilled combat forces requires decades of investment and effort. It is not necessary to rush through the military revolution before eliminating non-fashion, decentralization issues, or the centralization of power in the armed forces. There are definitely armored units, ideas to restore at least one armored brigade. It also depends on the total number of tanks in the army, because we have mechanized brigades, including tanks.

Thus, the Serbian Army was implemented, because it was practicing the whole Europe these days. The Serbian Army demonstrated high-tech technical-technological development, good education and a high level of combat technique. The 8,000-strong army is not a small thing for larger countries. As the last operations of the First World War began with the breakthrough of the Serbian army on the Thessaloniki front, military exercises in this year's Europe ended with the Serbian Army.

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By: Miroslav Lazanski

Source: Politics

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