Thursday , September 29 2022

The girl wrote that she wanted to rape her and had their answers broken by Instagram! (PHOTO) | telegram


Exciting Milos & # 39; un photo, Photo: Instagram / bikovic

After massage, Milos Bikovic released her photo with an outrageous comment:

You're lying on the massage – you look like acid in acid … # acid (I've written this heshee to see if you're there, entering it)!

Many commentaries wrote in the Russians what Milos had been following in Serbia since becoming a great star in Russia, and that the girls were mostly beautiful, handsome, and that they loved meeting him.

However, a bold bravery of other Bikovic, wrote a review on Instagram that makes a review!

Rape me! – A certain girl wrote, but nobody expected the player's response. Especially not like that!

Well, if you're looking for rape … – replied Bikovic.

However, when he saw how many times he had commented, she wrote: os I'm joking, you're beautiful orum and Milos replied, ş I'm kidding, of course thank you, greetings! Ancak

The girl boldly expressed her wishes and Milos' reply was not out, Printskrin: Instagram / bikovic

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