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"Telecom" Director: Purchasing "Copernicus" strategic decision economy

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13 November 2018 14:15 |

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Predrag masulibrk, director of "Telekom Srbija", told RTS that the acquisition of "Copernicus Technologies" was a strategic decision of the company.

Telekom Srbija director Predrag inulibrk told RTS that the acquisition of Copernicus Technologies was a strategic decision since the company was the second largest cable operator in Serbia. He claims that the charges on Telecom's account are competing with rival companies.

Visiting RTS Dnevnik, Predrag ığulibrk said that "Telekom Srbija" received "Copernicus" from the Polish investment fund "Abris" and was the second largest operator on the Serbian market.

Ibulibrk emphasizes that it is a strategic purchase. . Copelicus is 51,000 users, and Telecom is not as four times as he says, 51 he said, noting that data are out-of-date.

Telekom, "more than 200,000 users – 145,000 television users and 60,000 Internet users have received and Ratel's old data," he says. Culibrk, "Copernicus" in Serbia, has over 60 of its infrastructure in Serbia and has reached almost 300,000 households.

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He claims that the fees for the account of Telecom are made by competing companies. According to him, the recent media allegations were an attempt by Telekom to stop realizing its goals.

"We have been surprised that this issue has been politicized, we saw it as a zero-sum attack on Telecom," he adds.

Ibulibrk, the interests – "Telecom players who do not respond to the development of" clearly understood that. "SBB has a 55% market share, as the company's partner, Dragan Šolak, is a strong company, but Telecom remains stagnant throughout this year," he said.


Talking about the price of the 1953-million-euro "Copernicus", he said, cable operators have not been in the market since yesterday.

Ek The aggressive development of the operator has started since 2000, and its infrastructure has often been built on the public resources of telecom, Elektroprivreda Srbije, utilities companies, ısı he explained.

Asked about the sale of telecom, birulibrk says that this is no longer an issue. The task of management is to protect and increase the value of the company. Culibrk pointed out that when a privatization attempt was made in 2015, many customers who accept significant risks for telecom operators pose a threat to the telecommunications market.

The Telecom manager believes that the expected price has not been reached due to this risk. According to this failed privatization, Telekom has redefined its strategy and set two targets: the development of its own optical infrastructure and the acquisition of cable operators.

He said that by buying "Copernicus" the company would increase its value and there was no dilemma stating that it paid the market price of about a thousand euros per user.


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