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Sten Li: The genius explaining the superhero world to us

Stan Lee

Spiderman is one of the protagonists of Sten, where readers are most recognizable.

American comic writer Sten Li, the man who made super heroes.

Many people admired a man who gave his characters exceptional power and daily headaches, and thus created a formula that brought the revolution into the world of comic books.

Hulk, Ayron Men, Derdevil and Fantastic Four – they all came from the magnificent dream world and created a unique world.

He started his career in pen and ink, but it was much more.

He has developed from digital graphic novels to Hollywood box office records. Marvel Comics From a small department in the publishing house to a large multimedia company: Sten Li was versatile.

He was born in 1922 as a poor Jewish immigrant family living in Romania. Tajmli pablikejšns – a house that would later become Marvel Comix, a publishing company owned by his cousin.

He began working in the comic book section and became an eighteen-year-old editor with his playful imagination.

For over 20 years "was a man for everything" – wrote crime stories, horror and western writings – everything that can satisfy the appetite of young readers.

Stan Lee with Wolverine, Hulk and Spider-Man

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Wolverine, Hulk and Spiderman with Sten Li

Words with more than two styles were not welcome. The characters were either real beauties or terrible ones: a black and white world without shades of gray.

Liberman was so embarrassed that he refused to sign with the real name. Sten Li chose his nickname, but later changed his name to formally.

When he turned forty, he came to the conclusion that he was too old for funny games. His wife, Joan, is an English-female woman and convinced her to accept it as a, troublesome song ile for writing a story with her words and characters. He told him because he had nothing to lose.

When the competitive publishing house published a comic book consisting of Betmen, Superman and Wonder Vumen, he was forced to respond to the Sol Publishing House.

Leo 's response came in 1961 – Fantastic Four, a model of super model astronauts won after the liberation of cosmic rays.

Four will not only change the life of the Lion, but also change the industry forever.

Li gave her every day a young teenager problems, such as dandruff, black rooster and pimples. Mostly with their parents, but also argued with each other.

They started getting more of their fans' letters. Sten Li, even without realizing it, opened the door to the golden age of comic books and his imagination became a law. The Marvel universe came with a new world, Marvel Comics.

Soon, and very clever mugger, Peter Parker experienced the transformation of a young man who could rely on the walls of New York solitaire after an irradiated spider bite. Spiderman was born.

Stan Lee

Spiderman is one of the protagonists of Sten, where readers are most recognizable.

And it will become a symbol of modern popular culture. Spidey, as everyone has called him by sweat, has a truly superb supermodel – but still, at home and in a girl, it bothers the problems.

Finally, the young were no longer just an assistant in a support role – but a great hero. And the hero was no longer just using the fist and power, but also the brain.

Sten Li, the BBC said in a statement, "Only having heroes and super models does not mean it does not bother."

Hulk, Power Tor, Ajron Men – all are struggling with problems such as drugs, prejudice, racism and social inequality.

Li made another radical move – they revealed the faces and names of artists who created comics – Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, John Romita and others, they became cult with their jobs.

New superheroes broke new boundaries with their own stories and actions. Derdevil was blind. The Black Panther was black and Silver Flyer took over the human condition again.

The influence of Leo still exists today. A few years ago, the hero of Marvel, Northeast, discovered that he was gay.

At the summit, Marvel sold 50 million volumes of volume per year. Until his retirement in 1971, Sten Lee wrote the opening word for each Marvel Edition.

However, in 1999, the media empire began to crumble, Sten Li Media, which had a strong marriage between comics and the Internet. Li went bankrupt and went to jail for business fraud.

However, in 2001 he founded a new company. Prisoner! EntertejnmentThe idea of ​​developing film scripts and television programs.

Heroes, now nearly half a century old, overcome all obstacles and win all the challenges – Iks-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Derdevil, Iron Men and Avengers – they all came to life in Hollywood.

Spider-Man brought cash for the box office – the first film in 2002 and the sequel in 2004 won about $ 1.6 billion worldwide without DVDs and accompanying products.

In recent years, three films from the Captain America series, starring Chris Evans, earned $ 2.24 billion worldwide. Ajron Men's Roberta Dauni brought $ 2.4 billion to Junoora.

Marvel's world was unimaginable.

And fans loved every scene of Rock Lee in almost every movie.

It's time for Li to turn her into a comic book world. In 2012, he was one of the authors of the New York Times bestseller comic book "Romeo and Juliet: War", which released Jutjub Channel, the hero of Romeo.

In 2016, Komik-kon introduced the digital graphic novel The God of Waking. The printed edition won the Independent Publishing Award in 2017.

In recent years, he has complained about the worse landscape, because he has been unable to read comic books that have now honored him.

In an interview for TRadio Times 2016, he said, "The reading is the most missing."

He also spoke of what he saw as superior superpower – happiness.

"Every time I go to the comic book fair, at least one fan asks me what is the highest supermodel. I always say that happiness is the greatest supermodel, because if a man is lucky, it all goes hand in hand."

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