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Online Poll – The court suspended her father for abuse of a gay son


In Serbia, the first jihad was decided, when a sentence was imposed, hate motive was considered a particularly aggravating situation. After finding that the defendant was Z., he was pronounced by the First Basic Court in Belgrade. S. was threatened with murder for a year and a half and verbally and physically his son I. (36) was just gay.

In addition to her son, the accused harassed his wife in the same way because he iz hid his son aynı, that is, hid his sexual orientation from himself.

A court order, Z. S. Two were found guilty of domestic violence. Although he was sentenced to eight or six months' imprisonment for each job, the unique punishment was lighter. He was sentenced to one year in prison, which will not be executed unless he commits another crime within the next three years. At the same time Z. S. It is forbidden for a son and his wife to approach a distance of less than 100 meters and at the same time disturb them from the validity of the decision for a year.

The decision was finalized as the prosecutor and the defendant waived the right to appeal immediately after the decision was issued.

In the jurisdiction of "politics", Z. S. was attacked orally in October 2013 after learning that he was the son of homosexual orientation. S. tells him that if he is a homosexual, he will kill him and settle down. On the same day, his wife threatened to cover her up to threaten to cover up, and threatened to pay him back to cover her son.

– After a few minutes, Z. S. left the Chamber and threatened to kill his son after he returned. The same thing will do the one who brought it to the apartment. Z. S. said he needed to change his son or said he would be murdered – the first Basic Court's decision.

The defendant did not stop verbally insults and threats. I Just a week after the first incident, he was in silence;

– After changing her name and channel to her husband, Z. S. ran to her son, knocked down the TV and hit a slap. While standing between the mother of the wounded person, the accused hit him in the face and caused the unfortunate woman to fall to the floor. He said that he had healed his son or put him in a prison to rape him. His wife accused him of being sexually criminal against his son and then threatened to kill them both, putting him in a madman and not humiliating him and ruining his evil.

Threats and insults took place almost every day, and on December 4, 2013 he threatened to move his defendant son to the Netherlands, where u these suffered suffering. Teh At the same time, he told her husband, "When he can protect …" he's mentally ill.

His father's son's biggest attack took place on 13 April 2015. It is physically backed up to I & # 39; S. and her "distrust, horrible p …" saying that the defendant took the fork, placed them in the refrigerator and drew under the armpits.

– On May 14, 2015, his wife invited Z & # 39; s. S. to assist him with the destruction of his family's bathroom. Instead of fixing the fault, the defendant called her a beef and told her "how are you, I married you," and then yelled at her back, neck and right hand upon her elbow.

First decision for hate violence

The Human Rights Lawyers Committee (JUKOM), after making a decision against Z & # 39; S. Hating of Domestic Violence, Article 41 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia in December 2012, the Republic of Serbia Criminal Code & Reminded me of being brought. or another person's gender identity to be appreciated as a compulsory aggravating situation.

JUKOM representatives have since said that they have not been taken into consideration in any decision, despite the numerous reports submitted by NGOs and individuals.

According to a study conducted by the organizations that advocate the rights of the LGBT population, 40 percent of the cases have experienced violence from their family members because of their sexual orientation.

– This decision is therefore particularly important for the protection of the rights of LGBT individuals and other minority groups. We hope that this kind of law will affect the case law – JUKOM.

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