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New MacBook, Mac Mini and AirPods arriving October 18


Completely in its own way, Apple announced its new event on October 18, in one word, with a tweet.

apple conference
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The word “Unleashed”, as Apple describes its new event in its free translation, means “liberated”. This could mean Apple is getting rid of Intel processors in style and completely switching to solutions for all their devices. Apple will post your event directly on its site so after September 14, the world will once again stop at one o’clock in the morning of our time on October 18th.

Officially without Intel processor as of October 18

According to unconfirmed information, Apple plans to introduce several MacBook laptops, a redesigned Mac Mini and possibly a third-generation AirPods headset. Judging by the style of the video announcing the new event, the dot font could announce the use of mini-LED technology in Apple computer screens.

According to rumors in the last few months, Apple is most likely preparing MacBook Pro models with 14 and 16-inch screens. Perhaps much more important is the fact that they will have an ARM processor called the M1X, which should be the final step in the transition to internal hardware design.

New dimensions, no MagSafe and no OLED strip

Compared to last year’s M1 processor, the M1X model should have 10 CPU cores compared to 8 in the M1 and 16 or 32 graphics cores, which is a huge leap over the seven or eight in the M1. From what was expected, Apple may return MagSafe charging, HDMI port and SD card reader, while the OLED strip above the keyboard may eventually disappear. After that iPhone 13, it’s better not to ask price from us.

Mac Mini with loads of new ports

In addition to the MacBook, the next-generation Mac Mini is also expected to be showcased to complete the transition from Intel to M1 and M1X processors. It has been announced that the Mac Mini may be richer in ports compared to its predecessor, which means we can see two Thunderbolt / USB 4 type C ports and two USB A ports with micro workstations. This may be a step in the right direction, as one of the limitations of small Mac Mini computers is the small number of ports.

The next generation of the world’s most popular wireless bugs

what we don’t see on iPhone 13 family premiere, tablet and watches are redesigned AirPods earphones, the third generation of the popular, completely wireless Apple earphones. According to the announcements, we expect the next-gen bugs to look more like AirPods Pro models, which means a shorter body and a different filling box design. If you missed it, take another look at the September conference in the video below.

Apple Conference 2021
Source: YouTube / Apple

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