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Napoli and PSG rematch, top and two points red and white (VIDEO) | spore


French team was second in the second half of the first half of Hoan Bernat's goal, while Lorenzo Insine scored the last minute after the penalty of 63 minutes.

In the second match, Red Star defeated Belgrade 2-0 in Liverpool.

Liverpool ranks first in Liverpool with six points. Paris Saint-Germain is in the third place with five points, and the last one is the Star four.

The winners of the Porta won a 4: 1 Lokomotiv Moscow 4-1 in Group D in the Champions League.

Porto came in second with Ektora Erera in the second round and doubled Musa Marea in the 42th. 59 minutes into the game, Jefferson Farfan scored 67 minutes into the match and Hesus Manuel Korona scored a third goal. The final result was determined by Otavio at the time of a third repayment.

In the second match, Schalke defeated Galatasaray with Goaid Grosser in the fourth minute and Mark Uta in the 57th minute.

The top 10 numbers in the table are eight in Porto, Schalke, eight in Galatasaray, and the third in Lokomotiva.

Inter players and Barcelona players played in the Champions League in Group B on the fourth round at 1: 1 Milan.

Barcelona took the lead in the 83st minute goal of Malcolm, and Mauro Ikardi was given his home in four minutes.

In the second match, Tottenham defeated PSV 2-1 at Wembley in London and won their first win.

The Dutch were shot after Luka de Jong's 61-second lead, and were brought in by Harry Kane. He was substituted 78 minutes into the game and scored a goal 89 minutes into the game.

Barcelona ranks first with 10 points, Inter seven, Tottenham four and a PSV score.

Athletics players won the match this evening in the second round of the Champions League in Madrid 2-1 Borussia Dortmund, Group A.

Goals were scored by Saul Niges in the 33rd minute and Antoine Grizman after 80 minutes.

Earlier he defeated Monaco 4-0 as a guest.

Borussia and Atletico have a score of nine on a nine-point table, and four points in Monaco.



90 minutes – Another goal of Porta 4: 1 against Lokomotiv.

89 minutes – Kane hits Tottenham again in Vembli!

87 minutes – Icardi will score a goal against Barcelona and the result is equal.

83 minutes – Barcelona, ​​Italy, Inter. Malcom Catalan shooter.

80 mins – Grizman doubled the athletics advantage in the match played with Dortmund.

78 minutes – Kane equates the result to Wembley.

67 minutes – Porto will score another goal for Lokomotiv.

61 minutes – Insine scored the score from the penalty spot of Napoli and equalized the score.

59 minutes – Farfan is reducing the advantage of Lokomotiv in Portugal.

57 minutes – Schalke in the match with Galatas doubles its advantage!


45 minutes – PSG is going to Naples against the hosts. Juan Bernat is a shooter.

42 minutes – Marega doubled the advantage of Porta in the match played with Lokomotiva.

33 minutes – Saul makes use of Athletic Madrid in Dortmund.

3 minutes – Burgsthaler, Schalke & # 39;

2 minutes – Porto targeted Erre naked in the field against Lokomotiv.

2 minutes – Luk De Jong takes advantage of PSV in the match with Tottenham.

Atletico Madrid will receive a Dortmund team on their field and was celebrated 15 days ago in Germany with a convincing 4-0 score. Monaco was defeated on the ground by Club Brugge 19 hours ago.

Porto, Russia in the final round, won the Lokomotiv team in Moscow in a very exciting and uncertain game will receive a 3: 1 result.

In the same group, Schalke will take the Galatasaray team in their field. The first match of this group was unresolved and no goals were scored for 90 minutes.

Perhaps Barcelona's most exciting group will join Inter in Italy, and Tottenham will join the PSV team.

In the Red Star group, Naples will host the PSG team in Italy. The first match of these two teams ended with 2: 2, while Zvezda played with Liverpool before.


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