Friday , August 12 2022

Nadezhda told them what Luna had done for the cameras, and found that he was going to sue for the cameras! | telegram


Nadezda Biljić, a singer who escapes from the co-operative, will sue Luna Đogani for alleged physical violence, even though no one in front of the camera has seen her.

Nadezhda claims that when he fights the fight with him, he makes him an outfit, and that a snapshot of it will be used as evidence.

Nahezhda said, "The moon kept me, I had an inner wing, no one saw it because it appeared two days later," Luna said.

Luna, Printskrin: Youtube / Kooperatif Resmi

. The fact that Luna would make fun of me and shout at me would surely give her back. Bana I understand why she's defending her brother and hoping that someone will attack her. But if she was hanging out with my brother and watching her as a family member, they would both hold my hand and take us to the pub and talk until they could solve problems. The foreground from the co-operative is that he is a victim and all other attackers can tell his parents.

– I saw the judge see what the lawyer was saying and consulted to see what threatened me, cursed me, threatened me and filed a lawsuit against the Moon. Nauthda, I have some good records about Jutjub, I have evidence.

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