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Mirka Vasiljević: I don't control Vujadina, but if she doesn't know how to behave 28 years old, I won't even teach her.

actress Mirka Vasiljević football player with his wife Vujadin SavićHe has three children, so he takes his spare time as valuable.

For them, romance "Alo!" For what he says, when the children want to sleep and watch the movie and silence the most.

– We have a romantic and wonderful night when our children sleep and do what we want. As we are at the train station, people come in, go in, come out … When we're alone, we mostly watch the film and we'll be silent and the most important thing is that when you don't say anything and say nothing – He's an honest player who's used to breaking up with her husband.

Since we have been together for a long time and has been abroad, we have learned to consider time together since we left. When we're not there for each other, that's why we know that we're using the time we're the most. Now, most of the time we're like a large family with teammates – Mirko says and explains when they are very boring.

– I get boring when we go out at night. I wear glasses and don't drink alcohol. If I don't know how to behave at 28, I won't be able to teach her. I usually wear sneakers for children, and when I go out, I can see more of them – he says that cooking is more expensive than time.

– I'm using it to cook and to be at home in chaos. I like to cook, I know I cook, and I know we can't survive five days every day. Of course, sometimes we're going to a place to eat, to order, to eat, but to have lunch at home. When I looked at my mother and sister, I learned how to handle. I am 19 years old with Vujadina and I probably won't feed her enough. Vasiljevic is more proud than ever with her husband, because of the success she has achieved with the Red Star in the Champions League.

– I'm proud of everything he's been doing lately. When we met Liverpool, we were deprived of extreme expectations, we just wanted to not get up and the players came out of the field. Obviously, we didn't hope to win, so they were even bigger when they won the flames. I didn't think of it as a fan, but I was very happy – Due to the obligations the story actress can not follow the games played outside of Serbia.

– I think the congratulations I got right after the game are enough and I know what I wrote. I'm a defenseless fan, but I'm not going to the next game. Since my eldest child has started school, I cannot follow the matches abroad. I have obligations to this, I really can't get out and I don't have two or three days – Mirko "Hello!" terminating for.

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