Sunday , January 17 2021

Milenkovic: We cannot give up that Montenegrins will be weakened

Nikola Milenković

Defender Fiorentina and the national team of Serbia, Nikola Milenkovic, recalled that although they came without a few key players before they met Montenegro in the League of Nations, there should be no relief.

– We play in front of our spectators with a clear goal to win two victories and win the League League B division. We will do our best to save the victories and treat our people well.Milenkovic said.

We won in Podgorica.

– The whole team has played well, everything we do in education wants to resort to games and the situation is discipline for everyone. And this is a recipe for the next matches.

How about Montenegro?

– It is necessary to repeat the pressure from the first match and the high level approach. I think that the consequences should not be overlooked. I think we're going to play and win a match in Podgorica.

Montenegrins have no choice.

– They will definitely do the maximum motivation and do everything they can to give them a strong team. They are good representations with good individuals and if they are allowed, they can cause any problems. For all of this, we will eventually concentrate and focus on what will happen on the floor.

About visit …

– We expect great support behind the wind, and in this case, it's a lot easier for us in the field.

Montenegro will weaken without Jovetic and Savic …

– Not all of them are abandoned, because they have good players to play at a high level. There's a serious team looking for their chance.

About the League of Nations …

– I like the competition because it is a substitute for friendly matches and a competitive moment. The League of Nations is also a way to the European Championship and there is no doubt that this is a great thing for many national teams.

About Fiorentini …

– Everything is very nice, I'm going every day and I just want to learn something new every day and Fiorentini is going well.

Screening of many powerful clubs …

– They think they're in Fiorentina and I want to keep moving forward. I live in the present, and what can possibly happen, no one knows what will happen.

Is the match against Montenegro a match in the League of Nations?

– So it turns out, but we want to play the game with jealousy and if we play well, the result will not be out – Nikola Milenkovic said.

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