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Medical Chamber Ethics Committee decision. Any influence on Nestorov?

At the meeting of the Ethics Committee of the Serbian Medical Chamber, held in mid-June, it was determined that Professor Branimir Nestorovi did not violate the ethical rules and that his statements could be misinterpreted, misleading or confusing. Serbian Chamber, Milan Dini endorsed.

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Photo: Printskrin / Prva TV

Photo: Printskrin / Prva TV

Ethics Committee decision is not binding and different, Dr. He stated that it would not affect Nestorov’s right to practice medicine.

“My colleagues have presented it to the Ethics Committee of Ethics and he has given his opinion, it is not his job to judge, he has no right to revoke licenses either. Only the Supreme Court of Appeals can condemn or revoke a person’s license after such decisions and opinions,” Dini explained.

Request to determine if prof. Dr. Nestorovi covers physician guidelines initiated in April last year by a group of professors from the Faculty of Medicine Ore Alempijevi, Aleksandar N. Nekovi, Slobodan Savi and Sran Milovanovi, as well as the retired director of the European Environment Center. and Health Elizabeth Paunovi.

According to Dini, the complaints against Nestorov have been coming since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, but he did not want to explain exactly what it was because it should remain confidential information of the Ethics Committee and his colleagues with the complaint.

The most famous statement that caused public confusion is the statement “The Crown is the most ridiculous virus” from the press conference held on February 26.

Furthermore, the decisions of the Ethics Committee should not be made public, and a press release states that, among other things, at the committee’s session on 16 June, Prof. Dr. In the statements made by Branimir Nestorovi to the public through television and electronic media in the period of February – April 2020 on the occasion of the epidemiological situation, he made some statements that can be interpreted in different ways. Religious, document or Dr. He believes it was given by Nestor’s lino or one of his colleagues who complained.

In the session, as in April last year, all doctors were once again called upon to be mindful of their statements.

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