Saturday , November 28 2020

Loom excited, Liverpool is sending Jovic's bid

European vice-champion manager Jirgen Klop is happy with Jovic and is ready to send his first goal for the first Bundesliga with nine goals.

His great interest was confirmed by the club's governor, Franfur Fredi Bobic.

"Our cabin is full of scouts from the best clubs in the world, they send their best people, I'll calm down, things are going well for us," Bobic said.

Jovic's game was watched by Napoli, but he withdrew from Benfica for a total of 12m euros, before Eintraht needed to activate the transfer money and Jovic's current loan contract, and then a major redemption. left for another hut.

This 21-year center, together with his teammate Ant Rebic, was also identified as one of the leaders of the new, young Bayern wave.

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