Friday , September 24 2021

Kışaçlı women attended a workshop on early detection of breast cancer

On average, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. About two-thirds of women with breast cancer are 55 years or older. Most others are between the ages of 35 and 54.

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Fortunately, breast cancer is curable in many cases if detected at an early stage. This was the subject of the workshop conducted by the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization.

“I learned a lot about cancer that I didn’t know until now, I learned how to behave, what to eat and some other issues. The important thing is that the doctor told me to take action first and I went for a checkup… Ana Leginj said, “When the cancer is at a later stage, it is much more difficult ” says.

“Once a year, at least regularly, I look at checkups both for boobs and when they call me, but I usually push myself because doctors don’t send them,” adds Milinka Schuster.

The workshop was aimed at women from the rural areas of Vojvodina.

“We think it’s very important to organize these workshops – motivational workshops that will encourage women to discern what they need to be careful about, what to worry about, and above all about themselves, their health, and that is, to somehow dispel these misconceptions and myths about malignant diseases and simply to be motivated to do things on their own,” explains Marija Parnicki of the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization.

Prevention reduces the death rate from breast cancer by 30 percent. The recommended measures to prevent breast cancer are monthly breast self-examination, annual clinical examination and the recommendation of the basic mammogram, that is, the first mammogram between the ages of 40-45.

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