Saturday , November 28 2020

Interesting differences between male and female brains

Many times, we have heard a woman from the Martian men and Venus. Let's see the facts about how men and women think.

Men often say that women are more talkative, complex and impulsive.

Women, men do not listen and most things is forbidden.

How Much Male and Female Men Work?

Yes, differences are present and quite large, but they don't support men's brains as they like to think.

Men have a higher brain than women who have nothing to do with body mass or development. Some of the brain responsible for problem solving is more developed in women.

Limbic part of the brain, including emotional centers.

In men, the more developed part is responsible for the amygdala who is responsible for spatial orientation and social and sexual behavior.

Women are 10 times more white, and men are 6 times more gray. What will they say that men are gray mass and women are white?

So men think of women with neurons and neural connections. The reason for this fact is that the functioning of the female brain is more complex.

For this reason, the female brain works faster than the male and the neuron is packed more intensively. Simply put, neurons are closer to each other, which significantly speeds up communication, so women are more suited to verbalizing and communicating.

The interesting thing is that men use a small part of the left side of the brain to solve the problem and that women use both sides.

Therefore, it is not correct to say that men are smarter than women, or vice versa, men and women have two different types of intelligence.

Even mental disorders are different, women's gender, depression and tension are more likely to occur because they are only half of the hormones of happiness compared to men.

Men often suffer from schizophrenia, autism, reading difficulties.

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