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HE WAS WITH Daughter’s BROTHER, CAUSES PAIN: HE DESTROYED Mića Bora because of Mirela and Milica, followed by a brutal argument with Mator and it was because of Sanja Stanković! ‘HE RUN TO HIM AND FRAN AND SAID HE SOLVE EVERYTHING!’ (VIDEO)

the show continues “People Ask”, the participating audience is still online, but the chaos in between Bora Santana I beautiful mica does not calm down.

Let Stan tell you what he did with Mirela! Speak a little, stinking little fella – shouted Lepi Mica.

They did not receive primary education from home. I still have to tell Matora. You are what you are, sometimes funny, sometimes boring. One of the things I blame you for is that you didn’t represent your friends when they were wrong. It’s your fault, Matora – said the audience.

I will never practice this, I promise in vain, something is missing in my brain – said Matora.

Matorica never represents the wrong man and his wrong attitude. Then people will appreciate, love and respect you – the audience continued.

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I used to be much more biased and suffered a lot more – Matora continued.

You are not bad, but taking someone’s truth is a great sin, which is not true – said the audience.

As for Bora, I blame him the most. I admit I’m biased for some things, but not for others – Matora added.

You’re embarrassed by these words you sent to Mickey for describing what happened at the co-op. Mica’s daughter is proud of her family – said the audience.

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When he tells the truth, a desperate man jumps up and says something. He insulted me a million times for this. Now here he is doing the same things and insulting my daughter. He was in the flat with Mirela, helpless. He was with his girlfriend’s sister, it hurts and bites! He and Mirela are the same, they just know the truth! They got into a terrible fight about what Bora Santana is going to do with her sister who doesn’t love her. I’m used to it, it talks about him and his desperation. He can do whatever he wants, Bora Santana. There I advised him as a father and he insults my daughter, so Bora Santana – Lepi Mića continued.

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Jovana, didn’t you call Mica when you came in? – Ivana Šopić asked.

No, he didn’t call me when he came. When I went out, we had a fierce fight. I had an argument with my mom because of Mika. I have no problem telling me some arguments, we get into a conflict. I never started first. We’re not on good terms right now, there’s no need for anyone to fight us. Some things hurt me, he knows that, I’m mad at him. Even though I don’t want to argue, there are people, it takes me away. I have no problem with Mić to get into an argument, if he had called me, I would have called. I got used to it being there all the time and then I looked at some clips. He hasn’t shown himself as a friend to me this season. It all started with Fran, Sanja and Angelo came later – said Matora.

His best friend insults me the most, I can’t be friends. I never forced him. I made it clear that I wanted this and this for Sanja – I added Mića.

Mića initially consoled me so I could later see the clip of how she ran to Sanja and Fran and said she had it all figured out and they could love each other freely – Matora continued.

Because Fran said she was afraid of Mator. Fran went to the garden alone and called me and Sanja cried first. I told her if that was the only problem and if she didn’t want to be with him then she shouldn’t send me out – said Mića.

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He even brought me closer to him! You know very well how this connection was formed! Normal or not, you know how much my house hurts! My boyfriend didn’t say an ugly word to me. The emperor never spit on me and you are like my father, I watched the clips. He gently pushed me to push Sanja – shouted Matora.

Which friends are you and Ermina? – Mika asked.

He is not my friend, but he is my friend – Matora replied.

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