Tuesday , July 27 2021

Good news from the star …

Good news from the star …

The first estimates fall into the water.

Good news for fans of Red Star: Dušan Jovančić is not seriously injured!

An elegant midfielder in the last match against Liverpool was not good, but the situation was not good. There is another view of the magnetic resonance, but the pain has passed and a green light should come from the doctor. If we recall, the first prognoses will indicate that Jovancic will take a month-long break, and perhaps half the season is ready for him. However, injuries are not as serious as they think. Jovančićviše has no pains and the magnetic resonance examination is ready to begin training on Wednesday if the magnetic resonance examination shows that everything is in order.

It should probably start with easier training and gradually increase the rhythm. He and his team will take a break for the team due to their representative appointments so they will have enough time to be in the best form for a duel with Radnicki on November 24, and a few days later, they will have their guests in Naples. Compete for the composition against.

Jovancic came here without much pump from Vojvodina, overshadowed some other expensive reinforcements, but took the chance and became one of Milojevic's most important screws. It was one of the most enduring Stars of autumn and a favorite of its fans.

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