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Finally Confirmed: Death Stranding Game is coming to PC! (PHOTO, VIDEO 18+)

It's only two weeks away from the PlayStation version, but don't despair – we're getting a PC version!

Source: Promo / Death Stranding

Less than two weeks remain until the release of Death Stranding, one of the most anticipated games in this decade.

If all this didn't work in the game, it wouldn't be unusual. Hideo Kojima!

In short, if you don't know who Hideo Kojima is, in short – the famous video game designer he works with. Konami-juknown for Metal Gear Game Seriesit is also a special sensibility and ideas for your projects.

We've been enjoying the game for about 15 days, and you can only read our review in early November, but we'll let you know all the details over time.

Although the game was originally announced exclusively on PlayStation 4, various rumors suggest that it is still accessible to PC gamers at some point. Even some indirect clues appeared before. All this informal and semi-official information is now finally approved by the studio, so the picture – Death Stranding on PC!

However, this will not happen immediately, but the PlayStation 4 will have a period of about eight months of exclusivity, because the game will only come to PCs early next summer, sometimes at the end of June or early July 2020.

Yes, not too fast, but hey – better than ever!

This is definitely great news for Kodzima fans who mostly play on computers, only naturally they will have to be patient and avoid spoilers until then. Play! magazine.

Death Stranding 4K Story Gameplay (MobIT)
Source: GameSpot Trailers

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