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EDUCATION APRIL WITH LALATOVIC: The story of the Radnicki coach about possible change | football


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13 November 2018 19:32 |

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An expert who did not lead the last two championships in Sabac and Novi Sad, today, was training with his business partners.

NENAD Lalatovic is still the coach of Radnicki from Nis. An expert who has not managed the last two preliminary elimination because of the disease in Sabac and Novi Sad, today He collaborated with his colleagues and sent a picture with his partners, Dragan Sarac and Vidak Bratić, with the commentary "Don't worry about … writing the media".

Another speculation that PA Radnicki would replace Lalatovich did not prevent the sword from falling into the water. The Board of Directors of "Real Nisava" was not planned on Tuesday and, according to what they have unofficially said, plans to raise Lalatovic, there is no need, according to information from Nis. The club says Radnicki is the second, a derby with the Red Star and the expert staff is doing its job well.


In any case, President Ivica Toncev recently told Novgorod that Lalatovic's contract would expire at the end of the autumn's work and then talk to him about the continuation of co-operation.

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