Tuesday , October 19 2021

Eagles in the Problem of Injury – Krstajić: Life Here!


In the League of Nations, Serbia and Montenegro will not be able to trust Sergei Milinković-Savić, Marko Dmitrovic, Filip Kostic and Ljubomir Fejs.


Selection of Serbian football team Mladen Krstajić He said his team had too many problems for wounded players, but they should have been without them, regardless of their desire to win against Montenegro.

Not to fight, to live and to work with the powers that are not. Every game we want to win in every match, despite everything. I feel that we are progressing in every sense, the team is growing Said Krstajic At a press conference in Stara Pazova.

Serbia and Montenegro cannot trust the wounded in the League of Nations Sergej Milinkovic-Savić, Marko Dmitrovic, Filip Kostic and Ljubomira Fejs.

Past meetings could not be played Nemanja Matic, Aleksandar Kolarov and Adam Ljajic, one Krstajic He said it was a great handicap but the team showed the character.

He said he had followed the events in Montenegro and expected a good match.

We respect him as a representative and electorate Ljubisa Tumbaković of Montenegro. we can do it invention and reach the set goal to be the first in the group – said Krstajic.

In the perfect form of many Serbian national teams, the voter explained a possible change in the formation.

For the first time in recent times, almost all standard and important factors in their teams were made. It's very important to go out¹Let's do what we need. Perhaps we can change the tactics that will appear in an unexpected formation. We've changed the team so far, there are no tactics, we can change tactics, because we have qualified players who can answer their positions correctly. This moment is a luxury for me and maybe a little problem. If there are children waiting for a chance, 23 players would be in court no matter what Said Krstajic.

We were asked who would run the penalties because Dusan Tadic so far two missed, Krstajic she replied:

I've decided who Dusan Tadic is going to decide..

Serbia will meet with Montenegro on Saturday in the fifth round of the League of Nations on Saturday. Then the last duel against Lithuania is followed on Tuesday.

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