Friday , January 28 2022

ANABELA PERMITTED ANY LIVING RESOLUTION: Andrej Atijas confirmed everything! | star


When singer Anabela received word that her husband had notified the police for domestic violence, she had caught the public's attention when she went to Pancevo with a friend of Atijas'. According to him, he later stayed in an apartment in Rakovica.


However, the singer seemed to forgive her husband, because it was alleged that Andrej Atijas was recently seen in an apartment carrying her family's trash. According to her, the daughter of Anabel led Luna Djogani from her first marriage.

Im Of course we live together and this is my wife. It's all right, Anabela's on the way, so she's not home. A

Photo: Dragana Udovicic Damir Dervišagić


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