Tuesday , July 27 2021

A conference "Vojvodino, your children were born" | (News

According to words Predrag VuletićThe district secretary of social policy, demography and gender equality was only 727 million dinars from the provincial budget this year and will probably be next year.

In addition to the old measures – in addition to the third child and out-of-home fertilization subsidy, the province introduces new ones to help unemployed mothers from January 1, 2019, a competition for improving housing for families in which the third and fourth child is born. – He announced Vuletic. – It allocates 15,000 dinars for each unemployed mother and takes place as a third or fourth time mother..

Subotica was born more than 90 babies this year, more than in previous years. Yasemin StevanovićThe Secretariat Social Affairs Secretary encourages and mandates.

As Subotica is one of the few cities with positive natural growth, the budget allocated 1.8 percent more resources for the social protection and social policy measures. – said Jasmina Stevanovic. – We are always ready to improve and improve the level of service in the territory of the city, which is part of the population policy measures.

Trbin's "Vojvodina, your children were born", was organized by the "Security Phase" Association to popularize all prenatal measures.

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