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What fascinates the British in Brigitte Macron

On the occasion of the reception of the President of Rome Klaus Iohannis and his wife Carmen on Tuesday, November 27, Brigitte Macron shone in high-heeled outfit with his wife Emmanuel Macron.

France's first lady chose a short dress with long sleeves, accessed by light blue tweed, short, gold bracelet bracelets and navy blue pumps.

A Louis Vuitton look fascinates certain fans of the first lady in a certain way. The rest of the interview between the Macron pair and the Iohannis pair continued at the Pompidou Center. Brigitte Macron wore a long navy coat to protect himself from the cold.

France: Brigitte Macron and the English

The old French teacher, who is 65 years old, seduced her elegance to cross the French borders. British press dithyrambic.

" Trendy as usual ", Praisedexpress" Silhouette of his slim in an attached set & # 39; "an amazing look"By continuing the media, he rivals the superiorities to awaken the Master.

Clearly, France's Brigitte Macron's first lady has a beach in the United Kingdom. President's wife in early November film star ".

France: Brigitte Macron and the English

British pressure at the end of July 2017 demand compared to actress Jane Fonda: "They certainly share the same toned body, a bright smile and a flawless blower. (…) She draws attention and knows the details that are good for cliches: zipper jackets, bling collar lines and black XXL sunglasses. And for the evening, dresses that subjugate his slim waist … "wrote the magazine. Cocorico!

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