Sunday , October 17 2021

"We are experiencing a structural cash deficit, not our cash flow voltages"


According to Ngouda Fall Kane, former head of the National Financial Information Processing Unit, the government is not confronted with cash tensions as alleged by the Minister of Finance and Economy, but with a structural cash deficit.

”Senegal has no cash pressure problem, but the cash deficit caused by the ruling leaders“. This was announced by candidates for the Ngouda Fall Kane presidential election in February yesterday. Me Mame was in a conversation with Adama Gueye.

According to the former state inspectorate, the impotence of power and the tendency of our country to lend its debt to the foundations that would lead to the treasury problem mentioned by the Minister of Finance and Finance Amadou on Tuesday. "They are mediocre, they don't know how to manage it. They destroyed the economy of this country, the goods of this country.

I tell people that the Minister of Finance is not a finance minister, but a minister of spending. It only deals with costs. It is not a cash flow, but a structural cash deficit. I weigh my words, a chronic deficiency.

And this is due to the permanent mismatch between the revenues and the State's costs. He says he's been getting an increase because of the oil price. This is wrong. Open, initially endogenous, endogenous factors that explain this deficit! "The former Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance insists. Ngouda Fall Kane, according to him, the ruling people, began to explain how the Senegalese was bluffing in the history of this cash flow when the reality was quite different." you enter. Where will the state get 4000 billion?

Get your budget estimates to get an idea of ​​the deficit and $ 4 billion with $ 2.500 billion in revenue potential. make a difference between the envisaged expenses. The difference between these two positions is clear. This is what drives them to get financing or borrow.

So open first endogenous, can not produce, can not budget. The only thing they know is cash balance. How much will be paid to the Treasury balance in the Central Bank? That's the problem in Senegal. If it continues, we will have difficulty because there is a management problem in this country.

The ruling people don't know how to manage it, they don't have the necessary seriousness and the necessary skills, "he said." And call the Senegalese to stop President Macky Sall's power before it's too late. " It's embarrassing when we throw out more than a thousand students. The Senegalese must uncover this Macky Sall. He destroyed this country with the incompetent men who cut democracy, the economy and the finance, "Ngouda Fall Kane.

Ngouda Fall Kane Me Mame in harmony with Adama Guèye. Therefore, he informed him with the lawyer, Me Mame Adama Guèye, in the proposal that President Sall would miss "non-democratic strategies" to win these elections. . My Mame Adama Gueye is a brave man and a well-known lawyer. He doesn't just recognize the rights, but he understands it differently.

In my opinion, it should take place at two levels. Role of the State's responsibility for the voting areas. Macky Sall is entitled to vote for what happened in Touba during the legal arrangements. He must invite the army, police and gendarmerie to ensure the safety of men in voting stations. The second feature mentioned by Mr. Guèye is extremely important. Security of information about the voting day.

And that means the whole approach, Ve he says. It's time for Macky Sall to leave, because his sponsorship is perversion. He murdered his democracy in Senegal. He is one of the poorest presidents of Africa. All candidates are consumed financially, physically and morally because of this sponsorship, they are still breaking heart. Yarat And today he created all the conditions that could allow him to re-elect.

. If we don't take care of putting a device as recommended by Me Mame Adama Guèye, we have problems tomorrow, Me he warned other candidates of the opposition. Before we proceeded: yönetim As we have said, we have witnessed the rule of Macky Sall, the virtuous and sober, although we have the worst governance in this country.

Sponsorship and the political sphere have a crime. But if Ofnac were concerned, buying a sacrifice should be devoted to corruption. Ngouda Fall Kane, young people, women, old age, people came to get together to get these people.


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